Wise Womxn Wellness

Our Mission

Honoring mind, body, and spirit through womxn-centered therapy, birth support, and ceremony. Empowering womxn to reclaim their innate wisdom in order to thrive throughout every season of life.



New Beginnings at SuNu

SuNu holds a special place in the hearts of the Wise Womxn Wellness founders. Each of us found our way to the compassionate care of SuNu at different times in our lives and haven’t turned back. It is now our families’ go-to resource for just about anything that ails us! You will find us (often with children in tow) getting regular adjustments, bodywork, and immunity support at SuNu Minnetonka.

We have always admired and respected SuNu’s integrity and commitment to their guiding values. We have referred countless people looking for a wellness community to SuNu over the years. For us, it is a no-brainer. You walk in the door and are immediately welcomed and feel as though you belong there.

SuNu means New Beginnings, and they have been there for so many of ours. When WWW came to life, it only felt natural to share that new beginning by partnering with a solid team that we trust and sharing the wealth of knowledge, resources, and care they offer with our clients too. WWW believes in the power of collaboration and offering a continuity of care. We are so eager to grow that continuity with the SuNu family. What an absolute honor to be considered a Trusted Partner by an organization we trust so much ourselves. WWW is delighted to extend our services to the SuNu community through HypnoBirthing® classes at the Minnetonka location, Birth Doula services, and telehealth therapy.






Who We Are

Kari Goeden is a seasoned relationship therapist and birth doula. Her unique experiences in these areas deepen her perspective and impact she’s able to have on all of her clients. Kari believes that parenthood is one of the most life-changing, yet least supported adventures a person can embark on. Kari makes the journey ahead smoother. She is with her clients every step of the way as they plan for and process the twists and turns of life. Integral to Kari’s approach to therapy and birth work is her belief that womxn are badass and way stronger than society gives them credit for. Kari’s mission is to help womxn tap into their power and intuition to help them thrive in all areas of their life. Reach out to schedule a free 15-min. vibe check. Drop her a line at kari@wisewomxnwellness.com.

Nicole Recke is a registered yoga teacher, a trained birth doula, and a Young Living® Brand Partner with a passion for helping women feel empowered in all aspects of life. Nicole describes herself as a “normal-bodied yogi,” a little bit crunchy yet down to earth—with a whole lot of grace and love for finding the in-between. Striving for peace, comfort, and joy in all aspects of life is a big focus for Nicole. After being diagnosed with PCOS and losing a family member to cancer, Nicole became passionate about non-toxic living and harnessing the healing power of essential oils. She now shares that knowledge and passion with others. You can look to Nicole for less-toxic options to support your body throughout all times in your life: preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and all-around general health. She can be reached at nicole@wisewomxnwellness.com.

Katrina Dombrowsky is a soul searcher, joy seeker, and creative type. A Librarian by trade, she is passionate about curating and sharing information and resources with clients in a clear, concise manner. This passion extends to her work as Wise Womxn Wellness’s HypnoBirthing® Practitioner. Katrina has experienced first-hand how beautiful and peaceful birth can be without the presence of fear and limiting beliefs, and it is her mission to spread that good news far and wide! Katrina brings a spiritual lens to Wise Womxn Wellness, with her affinity for ceremony, ritual, and self reflection. She infuses her life and work with a variety of meaning-making modalities, including Astrology, dreamwork, and Tarot. Group HypnoBirthing® classes are taught in person at SuNu Minnetonka and private classes are offered virtually (limited availability). Visit http://www.wisewomxnwellness.com/hypnobirthing to register or learn more. You can reach Katrina at katrina@wisewomxnwellness.com.




Therapy Testimonials

Over the months that I worked with Kari, I grew personally and emotionally more than any period of my life. She helped me reframe my perspective and understanding of past experiences, see people for who they are, and set better boundaries. Kari helped me rediscover my self-worth which empowered me t...
Kari has led me to fully understand, know, and feel the power and value of counseling and prioritizing my mental health. Her sessions make me feel like I'm getting coffee with a close friend (welcoming, warm, fun, accepting), yet she packs the best of therapy tools that leave me feeling like I've re...
Kari’s compassion coupled with some tough love and laughter when needed by both is second to none. In my time working with Kari, I have been supported to elevate my inner strength and have realized how to express my inner confidence. I am grateful to have Kari’s support in my journey as a woman,...
April H.

Doula Testimonials

The confident and calming energy she brings to any room is unparalleled.
Katy P.
Kari has a natural born ability to make one feel calm, confident, and uplifted during the amazing experience of birth!
Laura F.
Working with Kari allowed me to focus on supporting my wife during labor rather than worrying about every little detail.
Darcy S.
Kari is the absolute best!! She helped my husband and I get through a miscarriage. I continued to do counseling with Kari until I got pregnant again. She helped guide me through my pregnancy as I was so scared it would happen again. There are no words to describe how helpful Kari was t...
Donielle K.

HypnoBirthing Testimonials

I wasn’t sure if ‘peaceful birth’ was possible. HypnoBirthing® with Wise Womxn Wellness has made me very confident that I can have the calm, peaceful, and gentle birth I want.
Jess B.
Before Katrina’s class, I thought that all births were meant to be accompanied by organized chaos and pain. The material that was provided and discussed was very helpful and has prepared us to have a more peaceful birthing experience. I am now confident in my ability to support my partner during t...
Jeremy B.
I took Katrina's hypnobirthing class as a second time mom and left feeling so much more relaxed and empowered than I did the first time around! Katrina's passion for teaching her clients how to have a calm and healthy birth of their preference is contagious and made me more excited to use the tools ...