Shaina, Front Desk Receptionist

Shaina (She/Her) is our dedicated Front Desk Coordinator in Linden Hills. Her journey into holistic wellness is as unique as it is inspiring. Without the traditional academic path, Shaina has enriched her life and career through immersive experiences by studying masters in arts, movement, and exploration. Her belief in the power of people and openness to learning has shaped her approach to wellness.

Shaina is passionate about creating connections and building a vibrant community. Her warm, caring, and curious nature ensures that every guest at SuNu is welcomed in a way that reflects our core values. With a keen interest in Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Shaina is always eager to expand her understanding and embrace new aspects of holistic health.

What truly sets Shaina apart is her integrity and passion for a holistic lifestyle that resonates deeply with the mission of SuNu. She is continually learning about anatomy and is fascinated by the pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Shaina is most comfortable discussing supplements, nutrition, and movement, and she brings a wealth of practical knowledge in these areas.

Having lived in the contrasting environments of New York City and Alaska, Shaina’s perspective on life and wellness is uniquely influenced by nature, which she considers the most healing modality. Now calling Linden Hills home, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of walking around Lake Harriet, knowing her neighbors, and enjoying the local village charm.

Shaina’s journey to Sunu stems from her experience as a small business owner and her genuine interest in holistic wellness. She aims to grow her knowledge and contribute significantly to the team. Shaina believes in the importance of remaining curious about personal healing and embracing the power to renew oneself.