Rebeca, Front Desk Receptionist

Rebeca, Front Desk Coordinator

Rebeca (She/Her) is a Front Desk Receptionist at the Minnetonka Office. She grew up in the Twin cities and graduated with a degree  in Psychology. 

Rebeca was introduced to holistic and homeopathic healing at a young age from her parents and grandparents. While in college, Rebeca was inspired to learn more about alternative health and healing through her courses on integrative healing. Rebeca is committed to incorporating these practices into her own personal and professional work  as she continues to expand her knowledge on the powerful relationship between body, mind, and spirit. Rebeca has always had a passion for helping others and believes that wellness and health should be looked at from a comprehensive and holistic approach.

When Rebeca is not at SuNu, you can find her spending time outdoors, reading, or exploring the Twin Cities. Rebeca loves spending time with her family and poodle, Charlie, and enjoys cooking, skiing, and traveling. Rebeca is in her final year of her Masters Program and obtaining a professional Clinical Counselor licensure and Alcohol and Drug licensure.