Paige Francis, Front Desk Coordinator

Paige Heinen, Front Desk Coordinator

Paige has long been interested in holistic health care because she believes it gives people the power and ability to know and help themselves. As a Nutritionist, she is excited to help people with their mental health through nutrition. Paige values looking at the whole body and mind  rather than symptom to symptom or part by part.  Paige is a Front Desk Coordinator at SuNu, Linden Hills. She has an undergraduate degree in Political

Science, and graduated with a MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College in August 2021.  Paige is grateful for the opportunity to work at and learn from SuNu as she begins her career in Nutrition. She loves the flexibility to be able to do both and reap the benefits of both experiences. 

She draws from the collaborative approach to care that SuNu offers when designing her own model for nutrition work.  “Our SuNu Team is just fantastic at helping patients really understand underlying conditions and empowering them to make good choices for their health needs and goals. I love that.”  Paige is happy to greet clients as they arrive at SuNu for their first time or visit with long-time clients who receive continuous care. She appreciates the real connection that happens at SuNu. “The best part is seeing people after their appointment get to leave SuNu looking as though a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders.” 

When Paige is not at SuNu she loves being with family, working out with friends, outdoor hiking and running.