Mary LeSourd, Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

Mary joins SuNu with profound experience, knowledge and passion about her specialty, Zen Shiatsu.  Mary embodies a variety of other East-West integrative practices rooted in East Asian Medicine.  In addition to Mary’s Zen Shiatsu services, one may also experience hands-on Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Reiki and/or re-education in Functional Movement. 

Mary has quite an impressive resume, holding a B.A. in Sociology/Social Work, and an M.Ed. in both Recreation Administration and Therapeutic Recreation.  Mary is a certified Shiatsu Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, WATSU(r) (Water Shiatsu) practitioner, and Aquatic Integration Practitioner, a more clinical form of Aquatic Bodywork.  Mary also refers to her 18 years as an Exercise Specialist and Aquatic Bodyworker at Courage Center Out-patient Rehab as her ‘temple of learning.’

What is Zen Shiatsu? In Mary’s words, “Zen Shiatsu is a treatment as much as a form of bodywork.  When the human system is physically and/or psycho-emotionally out of balance, offering input along the meridians and acupoints helps to ‘nourish or disperse’ this energy which helps the system regain balance.  Deeply rooted in the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, receiving Shiatsu helps clear energy pathways and in turn, can improve immune and organ system health.  Periodic treatment/guidance from a practitioner as well as mindfulness and lifestyle behavior change on the part of the client, can help maintain that balance across time.”

Mary has been practicing floor mat/table Zen Shiatsu since 2008 and  WATSU(r) since 2000 and utilizes the gift of nature as a brilliant healing modality.  Throughout her practice, Mary has noticed that her work has been especially beneficial to individuals who feel a sense of ‘stuck’ across body/mind/spirit.  She has seen benefits for those challenged with chronic pain, anxiety, acute/chronic stress, digestive issues, sleep disturbance, muscle/joint stiffness, and the need for relaxation, calming and nervous system regulation.  

One of the things Mary is most excited about regarding her work at SuNu is the ability to collaborate and cross refer with a variety of practitioners, as well as combine multiple services in reaching a depth of care that addresses each individual’s customized needs. 

When working with Mary, clients can expect resiliency, honest feedback, presence, reflective listening, invitations for lifestyle change, and recommendations for follow-up treatment.

When Mary isn’t at SuNu, she is honoring her love of nature by living wholeheartedly within it. You may find her visiting with her kids and grandchildren, traveling to see family, playing platform tennis, and enjoying close talk/laughter with friends. Mary believes humor and kindness are the universal languages of healing.  You will likely recognize that immediately when you step into her field. 


Mary is currently seeing patients at our Minnetonka location. 


:: B.A. in Sociology/Social Work

:: M.Ed. in Recreation Administration

:: M.Ed. in Therapeutic Recreation

:: WATSU(r) Practitioner

:: Shiatsu Practitioner

:: Reiki Practitioner

:: Aquatic Integration Practitioner




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