Kalli, Insurance and Client Care Specialist

Kalli Naglus, Client Care Coordinator

Kalli (She/Her) is the Insurance and Client Care Specialist at SuNu Wellness. Kalli shares SuNu’s opinion that accessible and understandable health care should be available to everyone. She works hard to remove the stress and mystery from utilizing insurance policies, personal injury benefits and everything in between. Kalli sees opportunity where others see challenges. She believes the best solutions are found through listening, understanding and building trusting relationships. That is why Kalli is such a valued asset to our clients and staff. She is a bridge, a connector and always brings people closer together as a result. 

Kalli studied in Montana and finished at Mankato State University majoring in Exercise Science. This brought her a new perspective on human physiology and the importance of how human biomechanics directly relate to injury, injury prevention and illness. This is why she loves SuNu’s vision for collaboration and holistic health care. She is excited to be a part of this team and looks forward to helping others gain education and success throughout their own health journey.

She is a proud mother to her daughter Arya, and her son Austan. She grew up in Minnesota and loves cooking, the outdoors, winter and most of all, her Golden Retrievers. Her passion for experiences keeps her searching for new adventures for her and her family.

If you have questions regarding insurance, personal injury care or billing, contact Kalli at kalli@sunuwellness.com.