Joelle Anderson, Front Desk Coordinator

Joelle brings a special sweetness to SuNu. As a member of the Administrative Team in Minnetonka, Joelle’s smile, empathetic nature and authentic positivity make the atmosphere and SuNu experience even more delightful. Having Joelle’s calming and capable presence in the office full time is both a joy and a gift to everyone. 

As a Front Desk Coordinator, Joelle is eager to help both clients and staff with anything and everything they need in order to experience the best care possible. Her passion for helping others, natural curiosity and desire to learn, as well as her ability to creatively problem solve, and identify people’s emotions/motives, make Joelle a trusted and valued partner to all. 

Joelle graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science, Degree in Integrative Health Studies with Minors in Psychology, Biology, and Public Health. She is also working toward her Masters in Clinical Psychology to obtain licensure as a Mental Health Therapist. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she is pausing her studies, for the time being, but committed to getting back to school as soon as possible. She envisions having her own practice one day which would include an emphasis on holistic health and wellness. Joelle is grateful for the opportunity to learn from SuNu’s practitioners and community, to broaden her experience and education of the many diverse holistic services, resources, and methods available through SuNu. 

With Joelle’s interest in holistic health and healing, and her passion for helping others, SuNu is a perfect fit. She naturally gravitates towards authentic connections, close-knit relationships and an opportunity to bond and learn from like-minded individuals. We look forward to the connections and lasting relationships sure to evolve through Joelle’s work and presence at SuNu. 

When Joelle isn’t at SuNu, you might find her practicing self-care, reading, learning, helping others or out in nature – especially if it’s warm and sunny. She loves nothing more than being warmed by the sun. 

Joelle will remain full time at SuNu as she continues to work towards her dream of becoming a Mental Health Therapist.