Jennifer Poehland, Massage Therapist

Jennifer is a Massage Therapist with a Therapeutic Massage Certification from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School. She also has over 900 hours of in clinic education and over three years of hands-on client time as a practicing Massage Therapist.

Jennifer loves working with perinatal clients, mature/senior adults, and really anyone who may need a break and/or some healing. Helping clients reconnect to themselves and their bodies through massage and bodywork is something she is passionate about. She offers Swedish, therapeutic and prenatal massage services.

SuNu is thrilled to have Jennifer on the Massage Team for a number of reasons. One, is that he has been a part of the SuNu Community for years. Jennifer has been coming to SuNu for her own bodywork, receiving massage and chiropractic services at the Minnetonka office. In her own words, she says,  “I chose SuNu because I love the people who work here and the warm, supportive environment they create. So when my place of employment announced they were closing, I knew I wanted to work at SuNu!” And she is a wonderful addition. 

Jennifer spent 20 years as a Social Worker before starting her massage practice. Because of that, clients can expect a safe and healing environment where their concerns and needs are respected and addressed with compassion and presence. 

Jennifer is married with three children. Her husband is from Germany and they are teaching their children the appreciation and importance of having a multicultural and multilingual family. She and her family have two cats, a dog, a bearded dragon and a ball python. Jennifer loves to spend time outdoors, gardening, traveling, cooking and watching movies.   

Jennifer  is currently seeing patients at our Minnetonka location. 



:: Therapeutic Massage Certification from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School




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