Heather Feider, Health Coach

Heather Feider, Health CoachHeather has been passionately committed to studying natural health and wellness for over a decade, and received her Health Coaching Certificate in 2016 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also trained in Reiki I, Usui Tradition, and is a 200 Hour RYT Certified Yoga Instructor.

Heather first began her journey in natural health by healing her own body image issues and disordered eating. She loves to empower and assist others on their own healing paths. It is Heather’s mission to help others to reach and surpass their health and wellness goals through one-on-one coaching and nutritional cleanses and detox catered to each person’s unique bio-individual needs.

When she’s not supporting her clients or helping lead the admin team at Sunu Linden Hills, you’ll likely find her at the yoga studio, camping and hiking her way through the land o’ lakes with her fiancé Mike and two pups Juno and Scout, or working on her mountain of creative projects.

Heather currently sees clients at our Linden Hills location.



Certifications & Associations

:: Certified Health Coach, CHC, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
:: 200 Hour RYT Certified Yoga Teacher
:: Reiki I Certified, Usui tradition



Special Training

  • Gut Health
  • Eating Disorders
  • Food Sensitivity and Hormones
  • Raw Foods and Juicing
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Whole Body Wellness



○ Initial Consultation
○ Metamorphosis Program (6 mo)
○ Renewal Program (3 mo)
○ Spark Program (4 sessions)




[On the New Year, New You Cleanse] I really enjoyed everything about the cleanse. Heather did a great job in the weeks leading up to the cleanse by encouraging and preparing us for the process. I appreciated her step-by-step approach in preparing us mentally and practically for it. The cleanse packa...
Deb C.

An Amazing Experience

An amazing experience—everyone at SuNu seems to genuinely care about my health/care/well-being through the questions they ask and the care they provide. My life has improved ever since seeing SuNu for regular visits. SuNu is WAY COOL!!! BE HEALTHY!!!
Nik K.
Priceless Nutritional Advice for Busy Families I attended Kacey’s lecture on the link between nutritional health and behavior in kids. She did a phenomenal job cramming a ton of information into a short presentation. I could have listened to her for countless hours more. She did su...
Erica C.