Paige Francis, Nutrition Coach

Paige Francis is a Nutrition Coach offering services in Linden Hills. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science, and graduated with a MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeast College of Health Sciences in August 2021.  In addition to her undergraduate and nutrition degrees, Paige is also a Female Hormone Health Educator dealing with cycle tracking and menstrual irregularities. She has most experience assisting patients with PCOS or unexplained cycle abnormalities. 

Paige has long been interested in holistic health care because she believes it gives people the power and ability to know and help themselves. As a Nutritionist, she is excited to help people with their mental health through nutrition. Paige values looking at the whole body and mind  rather than symptom to symptom or part by part.  She offers Nutrition Coaching from a clinical perspective, “it’s much like a doctor visit, but rather than prescriptions and pills, food is recommended instead”. 

When Working with Paige, clients can expect to go through a full health history including symptoms and dietary patterns to determine what a healthy diet and supplement regimen would look like for them individually. They will then work together to set reasonable and achievable goals to reduce symptoms and assist in overall health. Nutrition plans are tailored to fit the client’s unique schedule, stress level, cooking ability and other factors. “My goal is that a client is never too intimidated to make positive changes for their health. It’s always important to look at the whole person. Stress, sleep, exercise and mental health analysis are paramount to a complete health plan.”

People who would most benefit from working with Paige are those who have lived with questions about their health and how it relates to diet for a long time, anyone needing support to manage a diagnosis (or a non-diagnosis), or simply someone who just deep down knows  they want to feel better than they do currently both mentally and physically. Some of the most common things Paige works with currently include the following:

Adrenal health, hormone health, burnout, mental health, GI issues, female hormonal health, thyroid disorders, diabetes, fatigue, and sports nutrition. 

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Paige’s approach: 

“Managing symptoms” is the catchphrase of modern medicine – but nutrition therapy can help truly heal underlying issues, elevating mental and physical quality of life. You deserve to feel your best, to be fully educated on your health, and to make food choices that support you every day. Rather than spending hours on the internet, spend one hour with a Nutrition Coach and get the support you deserve.”

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When Paige is not at SuNu she loves being with family, working out with friends, outdoor hiking and running. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner and their two iguanas, Mango and Kiwi. 

Paige is accepting new clients! She offers virtual sessions and in-person coaching at the Linden Hills location. 


Certifications & Associations

:: MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeast College of Health Sciences
:: Female Hormone Health Educator


Special Training

  • Female Hormone Health
  • Clinical Nutrition



○ In-person Nutrition Coaching Sessions
○ Virtual Nutrition Coaching Sessions