Erica Ciardelli, Marketing Coordinator

Erica Ciardelli, Marketing CoordinatorIf you’re looking to hear more about SuNu Wellness, Erica is the one you want. As the Marketing & Event Coordinator and Social Media Manager, Erica is at the pulse of SuNu Wellness. She’s passionate about bringing the power of SuNu to others – largely due to the profound impact it’s had on her own life.

Erica found SuNu in 2014 when she was referred to Dr. Susan for prenatal chiropractic care before giving birth to her second child. Erica was profoundly impressed with the care and connection she felt immediately. She was working full-time in Corporate Marketing and Project Management – feeling burned out and uninspired. She became a certified Yoga and Yoga Sculpt Teacher and longed to do more in the wellness industry where she’d found more fulfillment than anything in her corporate work. It was a natural fit; Erica left her corporate job and has been a dedicated member of the SuNu Team without looking back.

She continues to teach yoga and meditation. She’s a forever student of self-development and discovery and encourages others to see their own powers and strengths within. Her enthusiasm, generosity and empathy make her easy to relate to and connect with. When she’s not at SuNu, you’ll find Erica either with her family, her friends, or yogis.