Dr. Elizabeth Gingrey, Chiropractor, Owner


Dr. Liz grew up in a small town, north of Fargo with two younger brothers and a younger sister. Dr. Liz incorporates her strong sense of family into her practice, seeing the full spectrum of ages. She attended North Dakota State University in Fargo and later graduated from Northwestern Health Science University, in Bloomington, MN where she received her Bachelor of Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic Degrees in 2009. During graduate school Dr. Liz developed a passion for radiology which she plans to expand upon through advanced education in radiology.

Her technique developed in practice over two years in North Carolina while she gained experience working with acute and chronic issues. She moved back to the Twin Cities in the summer of 2011 and started SuNu Wellness in Minnetonka with Dr. Susan Quigley. She currently specializes in Thompson, Drop Technique, Diversified Technique, Manual adjustment and utilizes activator. Additional, Dr. Liz leverages the tonal technique and is skilled in retraining muscle memory to establish more optimal posture and function.

Dr. Liz dedicates time to each and every patient; hoping to meet all of their needs and wellness goals. Sunu Linden Hills focuses on creating a wellness home for the families of Linden Hills and the surrounding community.

Dr. Liz lives in Minneapolis with her two dogs, Rocco and Sammie. In her free time she enjoys doing projects around the house and flower arranging.