Dr. Cait Coombs, Chiropractor

Dr. Cait Coombs, Chiropractor

Dr. Cait (She/Her) is from a small town in Wisconsin. Growing up in the country, taking care of horses and other animals, gave her a unique perspective on the world. That upbringing and experience made her aware early on of the importance of self-management, body-awareness and empowerment. “It is up to us to take care of our bodies and minds – to move and nourish ourselves in order to optimally experience a life of our own creation.”

She believes that movement and mobility are essential. As a lifelong athlete and competitor who excelled in multiple sports at all levels of her education, it has always been important to Dr. Cait to feel connected and at home in her body. She knew she wanted to help others find, understand and harness that connection to Self as well. And that led her to chiropractic school.

“I want to help people recognize what’s going on in their own bodies and help them learn ways to speak to it. I am passionate about women’s health and am currently loving the work I’m doing with pregnant and postpartum patients. It is so important to empower and support women on their journey through motherhood . Why I love and think it is crucial to get your kiddos adjusted, is to help them reach their innate potential. I help people through chiropractic by allowing their bodies to be free of interferences which allows connection to happen. I also love partnering with athletes who are working towards a goal or prevention of injury.

In addition to manual and Activator adjustments, Dr. Cait offers kinesiology taping, cupping and mobility and movement assessments, as well as craniosacral technique as part of her treatment plans. She is Webster Certified and offers prenatal, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic care. “I love to learn and use my curiosity and solution-based problem solving skills to grow and evolve my practice. It’s helpful to have diverse training so that I have a larger variety of tools to pull from in order to provide the best care to my patients.”

Dr. Cait is also trained in DNS Exercise. DNS stands for Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization; a manual and rehabilitative approach to optimize the movement system based upon the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology. Basically, it’s recognizing the importance of moving in stages, step-by-step, like we did as infants, all learning to move in the first few years of life. It’s a rehabilitation approach used to stimulate movement control centers in the brain and nervous system to activate how our bodies were meant to move. It’s all about intentional movement, mindfulness and body-awareness.

Furthermore, Dr. Cait is also a trained Reiki Master. “We all have an energy we give and receive, and if patients are interested in Reiki or energy work, I am happy to incorporate what feels appropriate into our work together.”  Dr. Cait’s love of learning and abundance of diversified training and certifications make her an excellent Doctor and a tremendous resource for anyone looking to feel and move as best they can.

Dr. Cait currently sees patients at our Linden Hills location.


  • Doctorate of Chiropractic, DC, Palmer University
  • Webster Technique Certified, ICPA
  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association member



  • Prenatal Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Thompson Drop Technique
  • Activator
  • Kinesio Tape
  • BirthFit
  • Gonstead
  • FRC
  • DBB1
  • Reiki Master
  • Extremity Adjustments
  • Cupping Movement



  • Initial Exam and Adjustment
  • Adjustment appointment



Dr. Cait’s energy is vibrant and uplifting. She’s always got great suggestions for after care for a completely holistic approach. If you’ve booked with Dr. Cait, you know how contagious and healing her laughter is. She’s sports and movement minded and is very skilled in providing relief.
Juliana W
This place was recommended by a friend and I couldn’t be more impressed!!! For real! Cait was amazing and listened to what was going on and checked so many thing. Listened to where I said I had pain and actually listened and adjusted appropriately. In have been going to chiropractors for 15 years ...
Rebecca K
Dr. Cait is a fantastic doctor! She has helped immensely with my vertigo/dizziness. Her knowledge and expertise shows in every appointment. I look forward to every appointment because of her infectious joy!
Dr. Cait is Phenomenal! She is brilliant - she always have helpful information, tips, resources to share which add so much to my care. It's not just the physical adjustment that is so beneficial, Dr. Cait listens and treats with the intent to heal and help. That is clear. She takes time to care for ...
From massage to chiropractic to acupuncture - they've helped me in so many ways! A fabulous & caring group.
Angela A.
Over the past few years, I have seen multiple practitioners a Sunu Wellness for chiropractic, massage, and accupuncture. I visited for regular wellness appointments as well as for care after 2 separate car accidents. No matter how I am feeling when I walk in to Sunu Wellness and no matter what pract...
Allison B.