Celina Malabanan, Massage Therapist

Celina Malabanan, Massage Therapist, RolferCelina is passionate about wellness, movement, and the human potential. Her love for the body and movement began with an active childhood that was full of sports and plenty of time in nature. She graduated from The Fair Oaks Massage Institute advanced 500 hour program in January of 2015 and has been developing her practice ever since. Celina has continued her education by self-study, practicing yoga, and studying at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, where she graduated from the 700 hour program in June of 2017. Her enthusiasm about bodywork continues to grow as she witnesses the powerful benefits that Rolfing and Massage Therapy have provided to her clients. She loves camping, hiking, traveling, training in Martial Arts, practicing yoga, and cooking nutritious food in her free time. Originally from the Bay Area in California, Celina recently moved to Minneapolis. She is excited to share her practice and passion for wellness with her growing community in the Twin Cities.

What is Rolfing?
Developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing® is a modality that re-organizes the structure by working the connective tissue, or fascia, that permeates the entire body. The goal of the ten series is to find the most efficient support and movement in a client’s structure so that they can find ease within one’s self. Unlike other modalities of bodywork, Rolfing® incorporates the influence of gravity on our physical structure. Finding a sense of ease within one’s body as it relates to gravity reduces the stress and energy that is needed to function within our daily lives. Achieving a sense of ease can help clients find relief from chronic pain, enhance athletic performance, increase self awareness, and create a sense of overall wellness or wholism. The approach to wellness via the Rolfing® modality is to look at the body and person as a whole. Rather than viewing a person’s structure as separate components, Rolfing® aims to form connections and consider relationships throughout the entire body. Who can benefit? Athletes, dancers, business professionals, yogis, children, anyone who moves and is open to change!

Celina currently sees clients at both our Linden Hills and our Minnetonka locations.


Certifications & Associations

:: Certified Massage Therapist, CMT, Fair Oaks Massage Institute
:: Certfified Rolfer™, Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration
:: Member of the Rolf® Practitioner Association



Special Training

  • Rolfing



○ 60 or 90 minute massage



I had no idea what rolfing was all about before starting my sessions with Celina. I've received many forms of healing and I felt like rolfing just made sense. I've noticed a difference in the alignment in my body and overall I have much more awareness of my physical body. Celina is confident leading...
Janelle K.
Celina is one of the most skilled bodyworkers I have ever received a session from. Her extensive education in anatomy paired with her intuition of my body's unique needs creates an experience that is extremely healing. Highly recommended!
Amanda L.
I have been working with Celina for the past couple months. As a fellow therapist I have learned so much and gained a new level of depth in my own work. I absolutely love how she incorporates guided meditation with breath work!! After sessions I feel extremely balanced and aware of new levels of ...
Josh P.