Aubry, Front Desk Receptionist

Aubry (She/Her)  is a Front Desk Receptionist at the Minnetonka office. She graduated with a BA in Theater Arts, with a minor in History from the University of Eau Claire. Aubry also graduated with an MA in Human Rights Practice, focusing on Genocide Studies through the University of Arizona.

Aubry was interested in joining the SuNu Wellness Team because of the collaborative and inclusive approach to both business and service. She was inspired to see how SuNu’s mission and pillars were applied to everything going on within the clinic. It was important to her to be a part of something that aligned with her values and desire to create lasting, helpful, healing change in the world around her. 

Aubrey is patient, attentive and friendly. She believes that time spent focusing on wellbeing and balance is never wasted, but seldom prioritized.  Which is one of the reasons she enjoys getting to meet SuNu clients, and witness the healing that takes place during their visits.  

“With my study of human rights and genocide, I’ve always hoped to find a way to bring self-care and wellness to those who have suffered the traumas of crimes against humanity. Learning about the benefits that Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage have on the human psyche, let alone the physical body, has been very eye opening for me. I think it is something that needs to have more attention paid to it when helping traumatized/healing groups of people. The body holds onto things that the mind pushes to forget, but until we heal what the body holds onto, the mind cannot heal.”

Aubry is from the Milwaukee area. Her experience in acting and theater brought her to the Twin Cities after college. Her family has roots in Sicily and is currently establishing their Italian citizenship. So in addition to speaking both French and Swedish, Aubry is learning the Italian language as well. Needless to say, Aubry is talented, interesting and charismatic. She is a wonderful and welcoming presence at SuNu.