Ashley Leusink, Clinic Coordinator

Ashley Leusink, Clinic CoordinatorAs Clinic Coordinator, most things go through Ashley, and it sure serves Sunu for the best! For nearly 15 years, Ashley worked in the world of design and advertising, cutting her teeth at some of the best agencies in town, in a hybrid role of account and project management. As someone who was nicknamed “The Conductor” in college, being the one to ensure all the parts and people are working together has long been a strength of hers. She thrives in the collaborative environment of Sunu, bringing her keen problem solving skills to find the best solutions for all involved.

Her own journey of healing has opened her eyes to the importance and value of health on a mind-body-spirit level. Through the practice of yoga, nutritional guidance, chiropractic work, mindfulness and meditation, and further exploration of spirituality, she found a sense of well-being and health she didn’t know was even possible. It has made her a huge advocate and proponent for learning to listen to oneself in order to find the balance one is seeking.

It’s for these reasons she is able to authentically embody the mission and values of Sunu. Ashley celebrates and enables her team to bring hope and excellent care to those who are desperate to find solutions that are empowering rather than invasive.