Andrea Cyr, LAc, MCM, Acupuncturist

Andrea Cyr, Acupuncturist
Andrea is National Board certified and licensed by the State Medical Board to practice acupuncture medicine. She has established her career and reputation through years of experience treating clients in a wide variety of settings including her own private practice.

Her experience has given her the necessary tools and wisdom to treat a wide variety of patients. Andrea works with people of all ages and a broad range of physical and emotional symptoms including pain, internal imbalances with digestion, respiration, the nervous system, reproduction, anxiety and depression. She assists people as they face the transitions that life presents at all stages of growth and aging. Something Andrea is enjoying about her practice currently is the resiliency she sees around her. “We are all learning how to care for ourselves and each other in new ways.”

When working with Andrea, patients can expect careful listening and inquiry to build an accurate picture or what they’re experiencing. She uses her gentle and versatile application of training and experience to address the whole person.

“I offer an additional lens through which to make sense of your symptoms and experiences. Change is constant and it helps to think of your health as a 3D puzzle where there are many ways to support the integrity of your experience and for you to flourish.”

With her patient’s needs, goals and comfort level in mind, Andrea’s treatments address the causes of underlying imbalances in the whole system that affect their quality of life, sleep, ability to connect with others and to pursue what is important to them. Her work, while dynamic, broad and expansive, is individualized to meet the needs of her patient.

Andrea is happy to be working at SuNu because practicing as a part of a holistic collaborative offers the opportunity to learn from one another, put values into practice, and offer the best care everyone is capable of.“

As a practitioner of traditional medicine from a culture that is not my own, I acknowledge cultural appropriation has happened and still happens in the health and wellness field. I am committed to educating myself about structural and systemic racism (including when it targets people of East Asian and Pacific Island descent) and working to make changes. I hope to exercise grace and openness when it comes to my own mistakes so I can learn and adjust.

I am drawn to this work in East Asian Medicine for its depth of historical efficacy and versatility. And for it’s comprehensive approach to the human experience, healing and adaptation to ongoing changes.
I am deeply grateful and feel privileged to have learned from these teachers of East Asian descent. I continue to work and study in an effort to practice this medicine in a way that it was intended.”

Yongping Jiang, TCMD, Ph.D., Mei Wang, TCMD, Ph.D., Wei Liu, TCMD, Huan Ma TCMD, Ph.D., Tao Gong TCMD, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan, Miriam Lee

Andrea is currently seeing patients at our Linden Hills location. 



Certifications & Associations

:: Licensed by Minnesota Board of Medical Practice
:: Master of Chinese Medicine, Northwestern Health Sciences University
:: Dipl. Ac., NCCAOM



Acupuncture Services

○ Free Acupuncture Consultation
○ Initial Exam and Acupuncture
○ Acupuncture appointment
○ Cupping appointment
○ Moxibustion appointment




From massage to chiropractic to acupuncture - they've helped me in so many ways! A fabulous & caring group.
Angela A.
July 01, 2016
Over the past few years, I have seen multiple practitioners a Sunu Wellness for chiropractic, massage, and accupuncture. I visited for regular wellness appointments as well as for care after 2 separate car accidents. No matter how I am feeling when I walk in to Sunu Wellness and no matter what practitioner I see, I always feel supported in whatever is going on in my life and in my body. There are chiropractors and other practitioners that are much closer to my house, but I choose Sunu for the overall atmosphere, attitude, and focus on overall wellbeing.
Allison B.
May 08, 2017

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