Alex Kewitt, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Alex Kewitt (she/they) is a bodyworker, facilitator, artist, and youth worker. Alex has nine years of experience working within the field of Human Services in a variety of roles including supervising homecare services for adults with chronic illnesses and disabilities, providing case management and advocacy to folks living in low income public housing, and working with youth experiencing homelessness. She found herself drawn to study BCST while receiving sessions of her own throughout that time and is now a graduate of a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy program with Body Intelligence.

Alex appreciated the dynamic, collaborative and creative nature of the work, as well as its grounding in anatomy and physiology. Alex noticed how BCST empowered new ways to relate to her body, her mental health and trauma history, and supported her in accessing increased health, resiliency and resources within herself.  Alex’s bodywork practice combines skills learned working within human services as well as her art and movement background. 

When working with Alex, one can expect care that comes with a trauma informed lens. In her own words, Alex says, “consent is really important to me, especially around touch. I appreciate a good mix of silence/stillness, as well as dialoguing with clients during sessions to hear what’s emerging for them. I tend to use humor, irreverence and playfulness in my work as well. “

Anyone can benefit from BCST. This modality is really gentle and subtle, but can have profound positive impacts. It’s a good way for folks to pause, rest, process and digest through tuning in and listening to what their body is expressing. BCST helps to reconnect with the body’s resiliency, self-regulating capacities and reorient towards one’s overall wholeness. This work is really supportive when recovering from illness, injury, surgeries. It’s good for treating anxiety, depression, sleep issues and generally calming the nervous system. It’s great for pregnancy, miscarriage, post birth support, tinnitus and TMJ issues, acute and chronic pain and helping resolve prest trauma held in the body. 

Alex is Queer, a parent, and of European descent. She is committed to continually engaging in embodied, antiracist work of unlearning and dismantling harmful patterns around whiteness, as well as tending to her cisgendered & able-bodied privilege. With this, she feels it’s vital to deepen her awareness of the impacts of oppression on bodies and communities, while holding an abundant hope towards healing and liberation for all. 

Alex is excited to offer her services to the SuNu community. She is especially excited to work with her Queer and Trans community and white folks wanting support around white identity issues. She is also excited to work with folks who are pregnant/needing postpartum or miscarriage care and with babies and parents needing support around breast/chest feeding.

Alex currently lives on occupied Dakota and Anishinaabe land, in Minneapolis, MN. She is a parent of a toddler and has two cats. She loves reading, dancing, biking, performance art, poetry and food. 

Alex is currently seeing patients at our Minnetonka location. 



Certifications & Associations

:: BFA in Art from University of Washington (emphasis on sculpture & installation)

:: Graduate of Body Intelligence’s Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training



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