Adrienne Suess, Acupuncturist

Adrienne Suess, Acupuncturist

Adrienne (She/Her) is a licensed Acupuncturist with licensure in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. She received her Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Northwestern Health and Sciences University. Additionally, she has completed over 100 hours of Craniosacral Therapy training and Dynamic Body Balancing training under Dr. Carol Phillips. She is also a Birth Doula. Her experience and education provide her with the tools, wisdom and confidence to treat a wide range of symptoms and offer relief to any and every body.

One word that aptly describes Adrienne’s work is thorough. She incorporates multiple modalities to provide her clients with an exceptional experience and desired results. With her background in birth work and women’s health, she is a valuable resource for prenatal, postpartum clients, and, really,  anyone at any stage of the birthing journey. She also enjoys working with her postpartum patients and their babies, offering pediatric CST services and beyond.

She considers holistic health to be a consideration of the whole body and uses inquiry, experience, and science based evidence to provide comprehensive care.  She listens and uses her intuition to collect helpful data in order to determine the most effective and supportive treatment plan which she designs specifically for each individual. She’s able to offer additional support through cupping, moxibustion, craniosacral therapy, gua sha, herbs and more. Adrienne believes that acupuncture helps nourish the body for optimal performance. So people who would benefit from working with her are those who wish to feel their optimal selves.

Adrienne offers a one-of-a-kind service that combines her vast skill set and diversity of training.  The East/West Extended Session is a 90 minute appointment that may include any of the services Adrienne offers. Created and catered specifically to each individual’s needs, a session could include any combination of acupuncture, cupping, craniosacral or Gua Sha. This is a wonderful option for anyone.

When Adrienne isn’t at SuNu she is likely building her practice as a Birth Doula. In her free time she  enjoys spending time in the water, either cold plunging in the winter or paddle boarding in the summer.

Adrienne is currently seeing patients at both  our Minnetonka and Linden Hills locations.



  • Licensed by Minnesota and Wisconsin Board of Medical Practice
  • Master of Chinese Medicine, Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Dipl. Ac., NCCAOM
  • 100 Hour Certificate of Completion DBB/Craniosacral Therapy under Carol Phillips



  • Free Acupuncture Consultation
  • Initial Exam and Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture appointment
  • Cupping appointment
  • Moxibustion appointment
  • East/West Extended appointment
  • Craniosacral Therapy



I have seen Adrienne many times for acupuncture and I couldn’t recommend her more! She’s a bright smile at every appointment and very good at listening to that days specific needs. Everyone I’ve encountered there is so friendly and makes you feel calm and welcomed in.
Cecille B
Adrienne works at the root of pain and made me feel so relaxed. My session with her was wonderful. She did cupping and acupuncture and I felt a major release in my shoulders and heart space. Definitely will be back for more! -Juliana Wagner
Adrienne's extended East/West Service was AMAZING! Adrienne listened to my concerns and the areas I felt needed work and was able to create an individualized experience tailored to my needs, while still keeping the session relaxed. The combination of cupping, gua sha and craniosacral therapy was mag...
Adrienne has such a positive presence, I felt truly listened to and cared for during our check-in as well as throughout the session. I had never received cupping before, and Adrienne was so good about clearly communicating what I might experience throughout the session. The cupping was so beneficial...
Adrienne's East/West Extended service is the best. It's a bodywork session + acupuncture. If you can't get a massage, or love the benefits of acupuncture but sometimes need more muscular skeletal or fascia work, this is exactly what you need. And I love that she is at BOTH SuNu locations!


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