Abby, Clinic and Patient Care Coordinator

Abby, Patient and Clinic Coordinator

Abby (She/Her)  is the Clinic and Patient Care Coordinator at our Linden Hills location. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on Health Communications and Psychology. Abby works hard to ensure your experience at SuNu Wellness is the best it can be. Her sweet demeanor and professional character are a pleasure to be around, and add to the charming, nurturing environment of SuNu. 

Abby’s soft and calming personality fosters a team dynamic full of collaboration, support and opportunity for growth. Staff and clients know they can come to Abby for inspired and effective problem solving, assistance and partnership. 

As a part of the SuNu Team, Abby enjoys the focus on holistic health and wellness with an emphasis on Women’s health. She also values working alongside like-minded individuals who create a team that feels like family. 

In addition to her past work experience in a clinical administrative role, Abby is also a trained Doula. That’s another reason why she’s passionate about Women’s health – especially from a holistic perspective. She’s also a skilled photographer specializing in birth photography. 

When she’s not at SuNu, taking photos, traveling or enjoying the outdoors, Abby’s time is spent with her beautiful twin boys!