SuNu Delivered, bringing the SuNu experience to your doorstep!

SuNu Delivered shares the values and mission of SuNu Chiropractic while providing the convenience of care within your home or work environment. We strive to empower our community to be self-care advocates; to choose wellness for themselves and their family. We have the knowledge, capability, and are well-equipped to bring personalized care to all.

Home/Birth Center Visits

Labor and delivery can be very stressful on your body, but going to the clinic during the process, or in the weeks immediately following may feel impossible. At SuNu, we understand the necessity of receiving care in the moment, but also the challenge in doing so, and because of that we are thrilled to be able to bring the care to you.
The birthing process is incredibly stressful for a baby’s body, and a single spinal misalignment can have a big impact on their overall wellbeing. Often families aren’t ready to venture into the real world for the first few weeks, so we are happy to provide care for your little one in the comfort of your home.

Visits in the Workplace

Sitting in the same position or doing repetitive activities for long periods of time are both significant stressors to the body even if pain is not present. Regular chiropractic care helps to maintain spinal health, allows for full communication of your nervous system, and prevents work-related injuries. It can be hard to get away long enough to drive to the clinic, receive care, and drive back. By providing on-site care, we are able to give you the necessary care without taking away from your work day.

A study performed over the span of ten years found the companies that offered chiropractic care as part of their wellness programs reported decreased health care costs, disability claims, employee turnover rates, and absenteeism. There was also a trend of increased employee retention.

SuNu Delivered Team


Dr. Courtney Casper, Chiropractor (Minnetonka)

Dr. Courtney began pursuing a career as a pediatric chiropractic, rather than one in pediatric medicine, after hearing an amazing testimonial from a chiropractor about the healing power of chiropractic care for children. she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2016 from Northwestern Health Sciences University. During her time as an intern to Sunu chiropractor Dr. Susan Quigley, Dr. Courtney also discovered a passion for women’s health and providing prenatal care. Dr. Courtney is currently working to bring the vision of SuNu out to the community by providing care through home and workplace visits.

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Dr. Elizabeth Gingrey, Chiropractor, Owner (Linden Hills)

Dr. Liz incorporates her strong sense of family into her practice, seeing the full spectrum of ages. She attended North Dakota State University in Fargo and later graduated from Northwestern Health Science University, in Bloomington, MN where she received her Bachelor of Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic Degrees in 2009. She has been a practicing chiropractor now for almost a decade and still loves what she does everyday! Dr. Liz dedicates time to each and every patient in order to help them meet all of their needs and wellness goals. SuNu Linden Hills focuses on creating a wellness home for the families of Linden Hills and the surrounding community.

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Dr. Susan Quigley, Chiropractor, Owner (Minnetonka)

Dr. Susan is the owner and founder of SuNu Wellness Center. She was first exposed to chiropractic care at a very young age, receiving her first adjustment by a pediatric chiropractor at age two. Her family experienced many wonderful benefits from alternative medicine. These benefits prevented them from invasive and complicated medical interventions. Part of her vision for SuNu’s clients is to help them with preventative care and effective alternative solutions to wellness.

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