Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Chiropractic sports medicine is the study, diagnosis and care of sports related injuries. Ultimately, the goal of a sports chiropractor is to help prevent and care for sports injuries. By working with a sports chiropractor, you should be able to improve the quality and consistency of your performance whether it is on a competitive or recreational level of play. The support of a sports chiropractor will also get you back on the field or court more quickly.

Sports chiropractors support their clients on many levels.

-Recognizing postural and muscular imbalances

-Identifying overuse and/or misuse patterns and behaviors

-Techniques for working on commonly injured extremities

-Proper rehab and healing measures

-Ongoing therapeutic techniques for full healing and prevention

-Exercises, stretches and practices to incorporate into your workout routines to prevent injury and recover from the stress of performance.

Common complaints Sports Chiropractors treat

-Sprains and strains

-IT band syndrome

-Shin splints

-Tennis elbow

-Runner’s knee

-Rotator’s cuff injuries

Sports Physicals

SuNu Minnetonka can perform sports physicals and are often able to schedule them same day! The appointments are 30 minutes and are performed by Dr. Cailin Shurson who is PPE (pre-participation physical exam) trained. The appointment will include a health questionnaire, review of systems, a musculoskeletal exam and a posture/movement assessment. She is also fully trained in concussion management and baseline testing and will add these tests for athletes in contact and semi-contact sports. Learn more about Sports Physicals at Sunu.

Sports Chiropractic at SuNu


Dr. Cailin Shurson, Chiropractor (Minnetonka)

Dr. Cailin Shurson, Sports ChiropractorDr. Cailin is SuNu’s Sports specialist and is also qualified to perform Sports Physicals. During her chiropractic education she found a passion for Sports medicine and spent a year interning in Northwestern’s Human Performance Center. Through the program, Cailin had the privilege of working with the Vixen women’s professional football team & sidelining various high school athletics events. She was also selected as one of five interns to spend a week in Lignano, Italy for the World Sports Games. There she worked alongside doctors from seven countries, providing Sports chiropractic care to athletes from all over the world.

Besides assessment and chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Cailin performs Graston Technique and can also apply kinesiotape, such as RockTape. She is also certified to provide Sports Physicals.

Cailin is currently a member of the MCA Sports Council and utilizes her talents volunteering at sporting events around the metro area. She is soon to be finished with her training to be a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP). Read more about Cailin.