Sarah Auna, Birth Expert, Sunu Staff Doula, Prenatal Educator

Doula and Birth Expert, Sarah AunaSarah has been utilizing SuNu’s amazing prenatal care for herself and for her clients for many years. So when she was asked to join the team as staff doula and on-site birth expert, she joyfully said yes! Sarah holds clients interviews and prenatal education at Sunu Linden Hills and is available for all SuNu clients who need birth doula services, childbirth education, VBAC preparation, prenatal yoga, birth plan/provider consultations or postpartum care.

Her knack for birth support, combined with fresh parent education, will help clarify how to get the peace and safety you seek for your body, birth and baby. Attending births in homes, hospitals and free-standing birth centers, she comes bolstered by the wisdom of having served over 300 families.

Sarah cares for clients at both locations, and holds meetings and classes at Linden Hills .

To make an appointment with Sarah email her at, or call her at (612) 716-0455.


Certifications & Associations

:: Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator
:: Doula Certified, DONA:Doulas of North America
:: Certified Childbirth Educator (Lamaze)
:: Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance



Special Training

  • Over 300 births attended in all area hospitals and birth centers, as well as home births



○ Birth Doula
○ Childbirth Education
○ Prenatal Yoga
○ Birth Plan/Provider Consultation
○ VBAC Preparation




Once we arrived at the hospital Sarah was there waiting for us. She was able to connect with the staff, advocate for us and help to create a calming environment. Father found it VERY impressive that Sarah took notes during the entire labor in order to share our birth story. Overall, Sarah made mom a...
Kerry and Deb
As a plus-sized woman, going to yoga classes has been a hit-or-miss endeavor for me over the years. Sarah's classes have been the first experience for me where I didn't feel self-conscious, judged or shamed for what my body could or couldn't do. I just got to enjoy the benefits.
Sarah was pivotal in picking up what my body needed to help labor progress during my homebirth and her encouragement is what helped prevent the pain from getting a hold on me.