Sarah Auna, Birth Educator and Coach

Birth Educator and Coach, Sarah Auna

Sarah Auna is well known throughout the Twin Cities as a Doula, Birth Educator, Connector, Author and Advocate. SuNu has trusted and partnered with Sarah at every opportunity over the years, and we are thrilled to have her on our team as a Birth Consultant, Decision Making Coach and Administrative Team member.

You are invited to schedule a virtual or in person Birth Consultation with Sarah through the Minnetonka office. As a birth advocate and expert for 10 years, and for nearly 500 families, Sarah Auna would like to give you access to Twin-Cities specific birth knowledge. In her initial consultation she will help you identify your specific values when it comes to birthcare, UNlearn some of the fear associated with America’s birthphobic culture and touch on any individual birth, pregnancy or relationship concerns you and/or your partner may have. Follow up consultations can cover a wide range of topics based on the client’s specific needs. Birth plans and provider choice. Weighing if an induction is medically necessary or how to stay comfortable during pregnancy and birth.

Her Decision-Making services will help you clarify your medical, cultural and personal values, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of any situation and identify where more information is needed. As a patient-advocate in the American medical system for the last 10 years, Sarah knows how to help you navigate life’s significant head/heart and bodily events. These in person and virtual appointments are also scheduled through the Minnetonka office.

As a member of the Administrative Team, Sarah promises a few things: to be a dedicated, organized communicator and scheduler, to always have a fun, bright lip with bold earrings (a must!), and to offer a smile and compassionate ear. She says, “SuNu has always been a space that embodies my values and I can’t wait to see who walks through the door (both old and new friends)… the law of attraction is STRONG here!” We feel the same, Sarah!

She has a deep reverence for the human body and spirit. Sarah is ready to offer her skills, experience and specific birth knowledge to the SuNu community and beyond.

Sarah has a BA in Journalism and History. She is a certified Birth Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor and Childbirth Educator. She is also a self published author of the book “Both and All”.
In her own words, Sarah is, “a queer woman who actively and vocally works to be anti-racist and in-relationship with the BIPOC birth workers who have solutions to reducing birth-rate disparities for the Black, Brown and Indigenous birth givers in our community and the United States.”

When she’s not at SuNu, Sarah enjoys spending time with her children, girlfriend, friends and family. You’ll find her writing, speaking and learning. Gardening, traveling, and making ceramics.

Schedule a consultation or coaching appointment with Sarah at the Minnetonka location by clicking below.


  • Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator
  • Doula Certified, DONA:Doulas of North America
  • Certified Childbirth Educator (Lamaze)
  • Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance



  • Over 300 births attended in all area hospitals and birth centers, as well as home births



  • Birth Doula
  • Childbirth Education
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Birth Plan/Provider Consultation
  • VBAC Preparation



Once we arrived at the hospital Sarah was there waiting for us. She was able to connect with the staff, advocate for us and help to create a calming environment. Father found it VERY impressive that Sarah took notes during the entire labor in order to share our birth story. Overall, Sarah made mom a...
Kerry and Deb
As a plus-sized woman, going to yoga classes has been a hit-or-miss endeavor for me over the years. Sarah's classes have been the first experience for me where I didn't feel self-conscious, judged or shamed for what my body could or couldn't do. I just got to enjoy the benefits.
Sarah was pivotal in picking up what my body needed to help labor progress during my homebirth and her encouragement is what helped prevent the pain from getting a hold on me.