Balanced Fitness

Sunu Wellness offers virtual fitness classes and one-on-one sessions so that you can support your whole-body well-being from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of an experienced instructor. Our hope in offering these personal training options is to help you strengthen your core and address sources of pain and imbalance at the root in order to support your rehabilitative journey.

Our in-house fitness specialist, Kamalar Tabor, is a trained Stott Pilates instructor as well as a trained instructor in the MUTU method for postpartum health. You can read more about her background here. Kamalar is passionate about women’s health and helping people recover from challenges such as diastasis recti after birth. She has over ten years of experience teaching the pilates method to all types of bodies and levels of experience. Get in touch today to schedule a free consult if you are looking for a supportive voice to help you strengthen your core and feel more integrated in your fitness journey!

Kamalar trains clients virtually and out of our Linden Hills location. She’s happy to set up individual training sessions, or you can take a look at her calendar below.


Pilates is a form of rehabilitative exercise developed by Joseph H. Pilates (1883-1967). The movements work the spine in every plane of motion to improve range of motion, flexibility, stability, and core strength. The exercises can be done on the mat using your own body weight or incorporate props such as the fitness circle. Pilates, like yoga, is considered to be mind-body exercise as breath is incorporated throughout. This form of exercise can be a wonderful, gentle way of strengthening the core to alleviate pain from various muscular imbalances.

All you need to get started is some open floor space and a mat or comfortable surface! As you progress, some other props like a stability ball and a resistance band may be helpful. We have these available for purchase through Sunu and can ship them if needed!

Kamalar Tabor, Fitness Instructor (Linden Hills & virtually)

Kamalar Tabor, Fitness Instructor
Kamalar is a lifelong mover, and learner. Growing up in St. Paul, she began dancing at 4 years old, studying Russian Ballet throughout high school, performing in pointe shoes & tutus. She continued her dance studies at the University of Minnesota, graduating with a BFA in dance in 2006. Kamalar is excited to bring her focus, zest, and compassion to teaching at Sunu. She truly believes in this work, and the need for women’s specific focused fitness particularly during and after pregnancy. Whether you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, had children years ago, or never had children but struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction like leaking, Kamalar is here to help.

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