Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is a key element of good health. Nutrition Coaching at Sunu includes an analysis of your current diet, lifestyle, medical history and current symptoms to identify changes that can help you feel your best. Whether you have confusing symptoms, a medical diagnosis you would like assistance managing, or just want to feel your best, Paige can work with you to achieve your goals.

Nutrition Coaching often includes making small, gradual changes to diet and lifestyle that work for you. Paige aims to make this process as stress-free as possible. She will provide a full dietary analysis as well as example meals and other resources to make sure you feel empowered and excited about the steps you are taking for better health.

Paige Francis, Health Coach (Linden Hills)

Paige is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach offering virtual and in-person sessions at our Linden Hills location. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science, and graduated with a MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Northeast College of Health Sciences. When working with Paige you can expect a clinical approach, not unlike you might experience at a Doctor’s office. But rather than treating symptoms with pills and prescriptions, Paige will offer adjustments to lifestyle using nutrition, diet, and an individualized, achievable care plan meant to create lasting change. She draws from the collaborative approach to care that SuNu offers and models her sessions in the same way. Helping patients really understand underlying conditions and empowering them to make good choices for their health needs and goals is her main objective.

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