How Nutrition Testing Impacted My Life

We are thrilled to be be able to offer nutrition testing to our SuNu community with our new Registered Dietitian, Kristi Pink. We know many people have heard of nutrition testing but are not sure what it entails. So, we decided to ask our unwitting intern, Leah, to share a little more about her own experience in working with Kristi. Thanks, Leah! 😉

The following blogpost is Leah’s own journal on being a patient of Kristi and her nutrition testing services.


To start this off, here is a little history about myself; throughout middle school and high school I would say I was not a very healthy person. I did not eat healthily, nor did I workout regularly or play sports. It never bothered me, until I was about 19 or 20. At that time I decided I was going to buckle down and start to workout. Over the last 3 years, I successfully worked out on a regular basis and today I consider myself a healthy, strong person. However over the last year I have felt exhausted every day. By 3PM I was checked out, like I wanted to drop what I was doing and take a nap. Even when I would get home around 7 o’clock, I didn’t have motivation to do anything. I would make some dinner, watch TV for a few hours and head off to bed.

After too long feeling like this, I decided to pull out the computer and do some research. I’ll tell you right now, searching fatigue on google will not give you any answers. I became more open about talking about this with people, and finally a friend told me to try a food sensitivity test…umm what?… I’m just tired, what does that have to do with food? Discovering the answer became everything to me. I was at a point where I needed change, and was ready to figure this out. I made an appointment at SuNu Wellness with Kristi and, to be honest, I went in with pretty low expectations. We talked for 15-20 minutes about what I was going through. She was almost certain my behaviors were being caused by foods that were disrupting my gut. She took some hair and a saliva swab and sent them to the lab for me – it was that easy!

Two weeks later, I went back to get the results from the test. We started by going over my food sensitivities; The first, which was no big surprise, was dairy. My whole life I always had skin reactions to dairy products, but never tried to cut it out. The second major sensitivity, which was a bummer to me, was gluten. Another tid bit about myself, I love love love pasta, I do not nearly care about breads and crackers as much as I do my love for my pasta. I also made this very clear in my intake paperwork and again during this meeting. We chatted, and came to the agreement that I can cut these two things out for 4 weeks. I came into this situation ready to hear the truth and work on creating a healthier me. So here began the 4 weeks of gluten and dairy-free me.

I can’t lie, this was hard. The first couple days were fine, just getting to understand what I could and could not eat, reading labels, and of course hours of Pinterest research. By the end of the first week I just wanted to run to Noodles and Company or be able to go out to eat without being restricted to three things on the menu. Then everything changed, by the second week I suddenly felt how I had hoped to feel. I did not get tired during the day, I felt less bloated, and, in the most general sense, felt like I was becoming a healthier person. I managed to stick to this for four weeks. By the end, it really felt like time flew. I am so grateful that I was able to stick to this and see such a drastic change. I will admit, I do eat gluten and dairy sometimes still, but try to use alternatives when I can. I also continue to see a difference in my mood and wellbeing when I eat certain foods, but it is helpful to know what this caused from, and I know I can completely cut foods out again.

So there you have it! My experience with nutritional testing and the results I saw in my own life.


If you are interested in discovering how nutritional testing can support your health and wellbeing, call and schedule your own appointment today! Kristi also offers a free 15-minute consult by phone or in person if you are interested in learning more.


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