Holiday Self Care Series 2016 #5

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Holiday Self Care Tips: Edition 5
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SuNu Wellness

 Holiday Self Care Tips 

Edition 5

Happy Solstice!

We're almost there! I hope that you and your families are feeling happy and healthy and excited for the holidays to come.  For many, this week will be the most challenging and overwhelming of all. Whether due to physical exhaustion, emotional overload, or a combination of the two, the intensity is at it's height.  I implore you to be mindful of this in your day to day, and to be extra kind and compassionate with those around you. I think you'll find that this extra care with others is actually SELF care as well, and will have a positive ripple effect in your life and even the lives of those you love!

Stressed!?  SuNu is here for you! To help you flow through the holidays, SuNu has gathered together some of our most power-packed self-care tips to deliver to you weekly through to 2017.  Commit to doing at least one of these per week and you are guaranteed to feel less stressed, more balanced and more able to be present to the fun and joy of the holiday season!
For those who have been following along, how has self care been going for you?  Have you been able to put any of the tips into action?
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1) Take three things off of your to-do list.
More than likely, you're not going to be able to get everything done, and that's okay. Give yourself permission to NOT rush around like a maniac for the next few days and take a few of the less essential items off of your list.  The relief that it gives you will be well worth the sacrifice!

2) Practice the 50/50 rule at holiday buffets.

Avoid the dreaded holiday food hangover by being a bit more conscious at buffet tables this year. Grab a small plate and fill it half way with all of your favorite foods, and the rest of the way with the least processed veggie dishes available. Most holiday tables have at least one vegetable crudite plate and sometimes even fresh green salads. Sticking to the 50/50 rule will help you go a long way towards avoiding the post-holiday bash bloat - most especially if you're also careful to chew your food slowly and stay well hydrated! For more tips on how to smartly surf holiday buffets, read this.

3) Unplug and connect.
I know this one is particularly difficult (especially since most of us rely on our phones to take pictures) but dig that old dusty camera out of the back of your closet and turn off your devices for at least one of your holiday gatherings this season.  We connect with each other through eye contact, touch, and deep conversation.  And mistletoe for that certain someone! :)  Make this tip a priority, and feel your holidays light up with the electricity of true connection.

From all of us here at SuNu, wishing you safe travels and a blessed and beautiful holiday weekend!!  Cheers!

Heather Feider
Certified Health Coach

Like these tips?  Vow to take action this week and and try one or more out.
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