Holiday Self Care Series 2016 #4

Holiday Self Care Tips: Edition 4
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 Holiday Self Care Tips 

Edition 4

It's here. The cold has finally arrived. We always know it's coming, but are still never quite ready for it.  I suppose there really is no good way to prepare yourself for the sting of those first few negative degree days, it's just going to be painful. Thankfully there ARE a few things that we can do ease the pain a little (that don't include a whole lot of brandy, or moving to Hawaii ;)

SuNu is here for you! To help you flow through the holidays (and the icy temps!) we have gathered together some of our most power-packed self-care tips to deliver to you weekly through to 2017.  Commit to doing at least one of these per week and you are guaranteed to feel less stressed, more balanced and more able to be present to the fun and joy of the holiday season!
For those who caught any of the previous editions, how has self care been going for you?  Have you been able to put any of the tips into action?
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1) Catch some morning rays.
Parking yourself in a sunbeam for at least twenty minutes between the hours of 8 am and noon will not only improve your mood, boost your alertness, and regulate your circadian rhythms, but it might actually lower your BMI (according to this study on weight loss and light).  Other clinical research has shown that at least 30 minutes of intense light in the a.m. can help relieve sleep disorders, depression, and seasonal affective disorder (something that many of us Minnesotans suffer from - amiright?)  Gratefully you don't have to be outside to gain the benefits, and we certainly have plenty of super cold and sunny days here in the great north! Bring 'em on!

2) Move.
Any which way. Whatever feels good and is easily accessible - it doesn't have to be hard! Take a walk after a big dinner with your family, go ice skating on Lake Calhoun with your kids, take a couple block jog with the dog, or even just do some simple stretches or roll on your foam roller before bed (which incidentally is also an excellent way to wind down before sleep). If you're feeling a little more ambitious, try hitting one of the many awesome cross country ski trails around the cities (many of the Three Rivers parks have rentals!) or try a new class.

3) Drink a hot beverage.
So simple, so effective. Sipping on your favorite hot beverage makes you feel warmer, cozier, comforted and pleases your taste buds all at the same time. What could seriously be better on a cold and dreary day? (Besides it magically turning into a warm day that is ;)  Many common favorite hot bevies even have added health benefits (especially the organic ones!)
Try matcha tea, chai tea with almond milk, hot water with lemon and honey, apple cider ... or whip up a
Golden Milk Latte, one of newest darlings of the wellness world.  A few more ingredients than the others, but SO worth it.  Happy sipping!

Heather Feider
Certified Health Coach

Like these tips?  Vow to take action this week and and try one or more out.
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