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The New Year, New You Cleanse: Edition 4
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 New Year, New You 


 Edition 4 

Were you able to sip some lemon water this morning?
Remember, it's one of the most powerful ways to start your day, especially when cleansing.  So whenever you can, do!

Today is about making smarter choices about what you eat. Let's chat about sugar for a moment.

Let’s get to the root of your cravings for the sweet stuff.
Ask yourself these questions:
  •  Why do I always finish a meal with a sweet dessert?
  • Why do I always put sugar in my coffee?
Many people list cravings, stress, and hormones as reasons they crave sugar. What if you’re just hungry for more real food? Your body is designed to recognize and receive nourishment from things that grow in nature.
It may sound crazy, but in time you’ll find that by incorporating more real, whole foods into your diet, you’ll automatically crowd out the need for sugar and other disease culprits – no deprivation here.
Try this Exercise
Do you rush out of the house without breakfast and grab coffee on the go? Your body is hungry and expects fuel to start the day. Wake up 10-20 minutes earlier to prepare a nutritious breakfast.

At lunch and dinner:
  • Order or prepare an extra portion of brightly colored vegetables with your entrée.
  • Chew slowly and consciously, making sure to stop when you feel full and satisfied.
  • Still want that dessert? Sip on green or peppermint tea to satisfy a sweet craving, or try a piece of fresh, juicy fruit.
Remember the concept of crowding out as you move forward. By simply eating more whole foods, you naturally reduce unhealthy, sugar-laden items.

Have a fabulous first day! And remember, I’m here for support!

Heather Feider
Certified Health Coach
SuNu Linden Hills
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Certified Health Coach
Heather Feider

Heather is a passionate and intuitive Health Coach extensively trained in natural health and nutrition, as well as herbalism and energy work. 
It is Heather’s mission to provide space for her clients to heal and grow, and to meet their weight loss and wellness goals through one-on-one coaching sessions. At the core of this work is nutritional cleansing and detox catered to each person’s unique bio-individual needs.
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