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SuNu Supports Mental Health Awareness Month

Holistic health is whole body health. Taking a “holistic approach” to something means looking at the whole situation and not just one or two parts. When it comes to mental health, a holistic approach considers how a person’s well-being is affected by their physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual condition.

We are happy to recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month. It is also, more specifically, Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. SuNu, since its inception, has been dedicated to serving the mind/body needs of every body, but has been, and continues to be, a trusted resource for caregivers, maternal figures, birthing and postpartum individuals, specifically, too.

The Weight of  Carrying the Mental Load

It has long been recognized that mothers, caregivers, and/or the primary nurturing figure of the family are often overworked, undervalued and generally stressed.  As we discussed in our most recent newsletter, a term for this has been introduced: mental load. It has also been referred to as “worry work” or “cognitive/invisible labor”. The mental load is about not just the abundance and execution of physical tasks, but rather the overseeing of those tasks. It’s being the one in charge of having the never-ending list of to-do items constantly running in your head, remembering what needs to get done and when, delegating all the tasks to respective family and/or team members, and making sure they actually get done.

This work generally falls upon women’s shoulders. But regardless of gender, there is typically one person assigned as the designated “worrier”, and that person is most often also the “go-to”, or executer. The stress, pressure and unseen toll of that work can wreak havoc on a person’s psyche and overall well-being.

It’s no wonder so many struggle with burnout, overwhelm and anxiety. Caregivers, leaders, teachers, managers are all doing more with less which is one of the reasons the awareness this month brings to mental well-being is important. Are you someone feeling the weight of burnout, stress, etc.? What do you need? How do you get what you need? Who do you ask? If those questions feel difficult to answer, there’s good news – SuNu can help.

How SuNu can Support Mental Wellness

There is simply something special about SuNu. It’s undeniable. The frequency with which clients and community mention “that thing”, or the “magic” of SuNu, is precisely what Owner/Founder, Dr. Susan, set out to create. She and Dr. Liz, Owner of the Linden Hills office, along with the entire team, are dedicated to providing that one-of-a-kind experience to every individual. The feeling is special because it’s built in truth, authenticity and a fierce commitment to quality care. Which is why it can’t be replicated –  it comes from a place of genuine belief in the good in others, the strength/innate wisdom of the body and a dedication to service. Staff, clients and partners recognize this unique sincerity in everything, from the scheduled services, casual conversations, recommendations, individualized treatment plans and opportunity for deep connection.

With a team of over 30 individuals across two locations, offering dozens of methods of holistic health services, SuNu has the resources and experience to support your mental health. From bodywork to energetic services to cognitive therapy, healing, respite and relief are accessible and available. Click here to view the full list of available services.

Physical Connection Supports Mental Wellness

There are so many ways SuNu can support your mental well-being. For instance, a chiropractic adjustment takes little time and can be just the reset your nervous system needs. In addition, multiple Doctors and trained Providers offer craniosacral therapy.

For any folks struggling with trauma, concussion, personal injury, and/or the stress of any major or minor life transitions, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a sensational resource. Alex is specially trained and specifically qualified to support folks in these spaces. Clients can trust that she approaches care from a trauma-informed lens and offers a safe and inclusive sanctuary to invite healing.

Reiki can be extremely beneficial for anyone feeling stuck, out of sorts, or burned out and mentally/energetically fatigued. Rachael is a Usui Reiki Master and is currently scheduling new clients at both locations.

Acupuncture services are another wonderful tool for supporting mental health. It’s even available for kids, Adrienne offers pediatric acupuncture services for infants, children, teens and adults. Her services include much more than needles and/or traditional acupuncture. For instance, she offers an East/West Extended Service which is a customized, 90 minute session including multiple healing techniques such as craniosacral, cupping, Gua Sha, and more.

Massage Therapy services are available at both locations. SuNu has a team of incredibly talented and experienced Bodyworkers who specialize in everything from prenatal/postpartum, to Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and more. The healing benefits of physical touch are profound. Human connection is an essential component to overall well-being.


Supporting the Mind, Body and Spirit

SuNu has partnered with Wise Womxn Wellness. Their mission is to Honor the mind, body, and spirit through womxn-centered therapy, birth support, and ceremony. They Empower womxn to reclaim their innate wisdom in order to thrive throughout every season of life.

*Notice the “x”. It’s not a typo. WWW intentionally chose this untraditional spelling for a few reasons. In their own words they explain, “Our spelling of Womxn represents our commitment to inclusivity of all expressions of femininity”.

Kari is one of the Founders of WWW and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist offering in-person appointments at SuNu Minnetonka. She is a seasoned relationship therapist specializing in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. While she specializes in working with womxn and parents-to-be, she has extensive experience working with folks from all backgrounds and walks of life. Click here to learn more about working with Kari at SuNu.

Trust Our Commitment to Care

When Dr. Susan opened SuNu Wellness in 2011, her intention was to bring healing to the world. In fact, when asked, she would clearly and confidently declare, “I want to heal the world.” That may sound preposterous to some, but to anyone who knows Dr. Susan, it seems like not only a reasonable goal, but also an achievable one.

Mental health is part of overall health. Check in with yourself and with those around you. How are you, really?  You and your well-being matter. SuNu offers you a team of skilled and compassionate professionals who are eager to support you, your needs and your goals. If you are struggling with your mental health, SuNu can help. You do not have to suffer alone. Look at the photograph above. This team is yours.

If you are unsure of where to start or what you need, call either office. Our friendly staff  in Linden Hills and Minnetonka will assist you and connect you with the right providers. All of our Doctors and Practitioners offer FREE 15 minute consults. And you are welcome to simply come to the office, have a cup of tea, tour the space, learn more and meet the team.

Community and personal connection are key to mental wellness. Stay up to date with all things SuNu by subscribing to our monthly newsletters and blogs. To subscribe, click here.

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