Movement is Medicine

Most people’s exercise motivation is to lose weight. But the number on your scale isn’t the only reason to exercise ~ there are so many more benefits to moving your body than losing a few pounds. And if your only goal is to lose weight, you might not actually stick with your workout regimen!

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and you should commit to it for life. Here are just a few of the reasons why …

+ Move that Bod! +

1) Exercise improves cognitive function and memory.

Even moderate walking helps boost cognitive function like reasoning, memory, attention span, and the expansion of information and knowledge. Keep your neurons in shape as well as that booty 😉

2) Exercise is a natural antidepressant.

Going for a 30 minute walk will help you battle the blues (not to mention seasonal affective disorder!) Studies support the idea that being physically active should be part of any depression treatment. When you exercise, those lovely feel-good chemicals (endorphins) get released, sparking a positive euphoric feeling.

3) Exercising regularly will give you more energy AND help you sleep better.

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of exhaustion? All the more reason that you should exercise. Start moving and you’ll immediately feel an energy boost that will help you get through your day with less fatigue. You’re also likely to fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep, as physical exercise helps keep your circadian rhythm on track.

4) Exercise relieves stress.

Exercising is one of the fastest ways to clear stress hormones out of the body. It will help you to attain a relaxed and calm state of mind.

5) You’ll feel happier (and younger!)

Better cardiovascular health? Check. Stronger muscles and bones? Check. More self confidence? Check. These are a few more of the reasons to exercise, but of all of the reasons, my favorite is feeling happier. When we exercise, we infuse our bodies with better health, boost energy levels, feel better, look better and even more youthful. The Fountain of Youth isn’t a magical water source … it’s exercise!

What’s your favorite form of movement? Do it today!

Heather Feider
Certified Health Coach
SuNu Linden Hills

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