Michelle Weiss, Front Desk Coordinator

Michelle Weiss, Front Desk CoordinatorMichelle is one of the Front Desk Coordinators here at SuNu Wellness. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in English and Studies in Cinema and Media Culture and loves engaging with stories of any sort, including yours! Her own story has brought her from Minnesota to Germany, where she worked for a year and a half as an adult English teacher, and then on to Austria, where she lived for four years and worked as a writer and editor for a medical society. Now upon returning once more to Minnesota, she is excited to see where this next chapter at SuNu will take her.

She loves working with people and is always happy to welcome new and returning clients into our space with a smile. Her commitment to personal growth and discovery, empathetic understanding, and holistic wellness and self-care practices makes her a great addition to the SuNu community. She is looking forward to learning from, and connecting with, the strong, compassionate team that makes up SuNu.

She spends her free time participating in a myriad of activities, whether that be hiking, dog walking, wandering around antique shops, volunteering, painting in the park, watching films and theater, or playing tennis.