The Doctors Are In! Meet Dr. Emma and Dr. Cait

SuNu’s Chiropractic Team is Better Than Ever!

Sunu Wellness has always offered exceptional chiropractic care to all. With over 10 years in service, across two metro locations, SuNu has evolved, grown and pivoted in order to become the impressive Holistic Health Collective it is today. The amount of diversity, experience and dedication to care is higher now than ever before. All six Doctors provide thorough, individualized care, and treatment plans specifically catered to the needs and goals of their patients. This is the “dream team” and SuNu has never felt so complete.

Meet SuNu’s Newest Chiropractor, Dr. Emma

As the newest member of the Chiropractic Team, Dr. Emma brings her own, very special, spark to SuNu. In a short time, she has already established herself as a competent, charismatic and talented Doctor. Her “SuNu Story” began long before she saw her first official client. Dr. Emma interned with SuNu throughout graduate school, and learned from both Dr. Susan in Minnetonka, as well as Dr. Cait in Linden Hills. Throughout those 800+ hours of hands-on experience, she was able to benefit from the mentorship of SuNu Doctors, learn from all SuNu Practitioners and use that time to help her create her own individual vision for herself, as well as her approach to care.

Who is Dr. Emma?

Dr. Emma has always been interested in holistic health, wellness and healing. She has a deep-rooted passion and appreciation for nature and is in awe of all there is to learn from both where we are physically, and what is around us in nature. Because of her interest in whole body wellness, she began to study nutrition and mind-body health. Combining that learning with her Chiropractic education, helps Dr. Emma to provide well-rounded care to everyone she sees.

Dr. Emma takes a very connective approach to care. She considers herself to be a partner, or tool, providing aide to her clients. One of the things she tells clients most often is that while she received a Doctorate degree, she considers herself more of a facilitator of healing versus a doctor who will “fix” them. “The body is amazing and has a profound ability to heal, sometimes it just needs a little help. One of the things that I strive for most in my practice is to ensure that clients feel seen and heard, regardless of where they are at within their wellness journey. I am continuing to learn from my clients every day, and will continue to do so for the rest of my career!”

In addition to her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Emma is ICPA Webster certified, has completed Dynamic Body Balancing levels I & II with Dr. Carol Phillips, as well as level I Reiki training. She has a special interest in perinatal and pediatric care, and has additional training in rehab, sports injury, and movement, in general. Movement/mobility is a passion of hers and her clients benefit because of it. Her interest, knowledge and curiosity provide Dr. Emma’s patients with a comprehensive care plan. She will never offer a “one-size-fits-all” style of treatment. She is dedicated to helping everyone she works with to feel their best in order to live their best.

A recommendation from Dr. Emma

When asked about something she sees a lot of currently, or something she finds herself recommending often, Dr. Emma said, “If there’s one thing that I wish every client knew, it would be that their body is amazing and capable. It has innate intelligence that allows it to heal when taken care of and moved regularly. Another thing I wish every client knew is the fact that they are advocates for their own health! I almost always recommend a weekly epsom salt bath routine and encourage clients to get outside at least one time per day for movement.” What great advice from Dr. Emma.


Meet Dr. Cait

When asked for a few words that best describe Dr. Cait, the top three were: present, authentic and strong. Those characteristics indicate what a tremendous Doctor she is, as well. Those words beautifully describe her approach to client care.

She joined the SuNu team a few short years ago. While she is one of the newer Doctors, the impact she has made and the care she has provided to the SuNu community has been profound. Dr. Cait practices out of the Linden Hills office. Her charm and presence bring pure joy. As soon as you are greeted by Dr. Cait, you are sure to be under her spell. She is inviting, empowering and exciting.

Dr. Cait loves the opportunity for collaborative health care that SuNu offers its clients. The capability to hold space and co-care for patients is one of her favorite things about SuNu. In her own words, Dr. Cait says,  “My patients are the best and I love seeing and experiencing/supporting life with them. I am honored to be trusted with their care and am filled with joy to serve.” Does your current health care provider say that? If not, Dr. Cait and SuNu Wellness welcome you.

Dr. Cait has always been fascinated with movement and all the things the body can do. Her desire to move dynamically, experience things fully and learn continuously are woven into her approach to treatment. They naturally add to the exceptional care she gives to her clients.

There are so many reasons to work with Dr. Cait

In addition to her her Doctorate in Chiropractic, she is also a Reiki Master, has completed Dynamic Body Balancing, is trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Breath Work and many more specialties. She works quite a bit with athletes, personal injury, those recovering from or nursing sports injury, as well as perinatal clients and pediatrics. There seems to be nothing she can’t do.

Dr. Cait meets people where they are at in their health journey. She and her clients work together toward reaching individual, realistic, and achievable health goals. She holds space for people to slow down and connect with their body, mind, soul and nervous system. Dr. Cait empowers and supports them to take both the small and big steps towards their optimum health.

She believes that movement is essential. As a lifelong athlete and competitor who excelled in multiple sports at all levels of her education, it has always been important to Dr. Cait to feel connected and at home in her body. She knew she wanted to help others find, understand and harness that connection to Self as well.

With all of her various degrees, certifications, trainings and life experience, Dr. Cait is able to provide care in a way few others can. She draws upon that knowledge to enhance each session for every client. She is in the process of designing additional service offerings that include more movement based education, stretching, strength, and even energetic and breath work. Stay tuned for more on that.

What does Dr. Cait want you to know? 

Something Dr. Cait is almost universally recommending or reminding her clients of is that daily movement is essential. In addition, finding new ways to move is vital. Expanding the body’s range of motion has a significant impact on overall health and wellness. “Movement is life – if you don’t use it, you lose it.”


Begin your journey with Dr. Emma & Dr. Cait

Dr. Emma and Dr. Cait are sensational Doctors. They embody the SuNu message and methods of care and service. Whether you are already seeing one (or both) of them regularly, or you have yet to meet them, let’s schedule a visit.

Again, Dr. Emma sees patients in Minnetonka and Dr. Cait practices in Linden Hills. Click here to view the schedule at either location. If you’d like to learn more about working with them, both Doctors welcome FREE 15 minute consultations.

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