Meet the Team: Dr. Cait

Dr. Cait: Welcome To SuNu Wellness

It is a thrill to introduce the newest addition to the Chiropractic Team at SuNu Wellness. Meet Dr. Cait!

Dr. Cait is now seeing patients and families at the Linden Hills location. She’s already helping so many of our SuNu community achieve and understand their goals for health and wellness. We look forward to all the success and connection that is sure to come as she plants her roots here at SuNu.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Dr. Cait almost effortlessly, it seems, find her groove in our lovely Minneapolis clinic. Some of the first words that come to my mind to describe Dr. Cait are energetic, charismatic, intelligent, self-assured and empowering. When you meet her there is no doubt you’re in the presence of a skilled, trained and knowledgeable Chiropractor.

SuNu is excited to share Dr. Cait with you. I got to sit down with her recently and learn a little more about who she is, what she loves about Chiropractic, and how she’s been able to design her life and career in such an intentional and purposeful way. Enjoy this opportunity to get to know the newest member of the SuNu Wellness Chiropractic Team.

A conversation between Dr. Cait & Erica Ciardelli:


1) Dr. Cait, tell us what made you decide to become a Chiropractor? 

I’m from a very small town in Wisconsin. My family had [has] both animals and land to take care of, and because of that, I grew up understanding that your body is your most valuable tool in life. That upbringing and experience made me aware early on of the importance of self-management,  body-awareness and empowerment. It’s is up to us to take care of our bodies and minds – to move and nourish ourselves in order to optimally experience a life of our own creation. Movement is essential for me – as a lifelong athlete and competitor, it has always been important to me to feel connected and at home in my own body. I knew I wanted to help others find, understand and harness that connection to self as well.

2) What type of services do you offer at SuNu

As a DC, Doctor of Chiropractic, I’m certified and trained in a variety of techniques and adjustment styles. I offer care to anyone and everyone. I am passionate about women’s health and am currently loving the work I’m doing with pregnant and postpartum patients. Kiddos are always a blast to work with. I enjoy helping them to recognize what’s going on in their own bodies and help them learn ways to speak to it. I also love partnering with athletes who are working towards a goal or recovering from an injury.

In addition to manual and Activator adjustments, I offer kinesiology taping, cupping and myofascial release as well as craniosacral technique as part of my treatment plans. I’m Webster Certified and offer prenatal, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic care. It’s helpful to have a diverse training so that I have a larger variety of tools to pull from in order to provide the best care to my patients.

3) In addition to your many Chiropractic credentials, you also have certifications and/or interest in DNS and Reiki. Can you tell us more about these tools and how you apply this training to your Chiropractic work? 

DNS stands for Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. It’s a manual and rehabilitative approach to optimize the movement system based upon the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology. Basically, it’s recognizing the importance of moving in stages, step-by-step, like we did as infants, all learning to move in the first few years of life. It’s a rehabilitation approach used to stimulate movement control centers in the brain and nervous system to activate how our bodies were meant to move. It’s all about intentional movement, mindfulness and body-awareness. I find it all incredibly exciting and interesting. I’m always trying to learn more.

I complete my level 2 Reiki training on June 5th. We all have an energy we give and receive, and if patients are interested in Reiki or energy work, I am happy to incorporate what feels appropriate into our work together.

4) Is there a recommendation you find yourself giving to almost every patient? Perhaps a self-care practice or tool that you recommend most? 

Move and breathe.

Breath is life. Learning how to use your breath as a tool is beneficial for so many reasons – calming our nervous system, taking us out of that flight, fight or freeze response to fear, trauma or drama – it’s something I’m passionate about learning more about. I find that simple breathing exercises and techniques are helpful in my work and feel such gratitude when clients tell me how it has helped them in their lives.

Movement will always be a major part of my life and who I am. As a competitive athlete, I played college basketball while earning my undergraduate degree, and rugby during graduate school. The body can do incredible things and I learn so much from pushing myself and my limits. I will always encourage others to move as well. One step at a time, no matter how big or small, just MOVE!

5) Before choosing to practice at SuNu Wellness, you considered opening your own practice. How did you know SuNu was where you were meant to be? 

That’s a great question. Yes, I was about to open my own business, but decided to wait. I believe things unfold as they’re meant to and I am very in tune with who I am and what I want. If something doesn’t feel right, I trust myself enough to listen to my intuition, and that always guides me to where I’m supposed to be. SuNu felt right – the energy, the mission of the business, the collective approach to holistic care – I’m grateful to be here. I am in a space that is bright and enlightened and I empower women and families to create and live in their light as well. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do that here as part of the SuNu Team.

6) What are some of the things you’re most excited about doing and learning at SuNu? 

I think my personality, vision and commitment to be of service is in line with SuNu’s Pillars. I’ve been a part of other practices and had the opportunity to join many across the county. I’m happy to be here with SuNu and serve this community. I am passionate about Women’s health and wellness and being a part of a woman-owned, operated and founded business is inspiring.

I know I have the ability to help others and I have been given the means by which to do so. I’m just looking forward to enhancing the SuNu experience by adding my practice, methods and skills to the collaborative healing culture that already exists.

My vision is to connect people to themselves, help them slow down and see how amazing and powerful their bodies are. Allow them to be empowered to be and think differently than the norm by listening to themselves. To see through the eyes of love and health. 

Connect with Dr. Cait & SuNu Wellness

Dr. Cait practices out of the Linden Hills location and is accepting new patients. Make your appointment today! To learn more about the Chiropractic Team and additional services available at SuNu Wellness, follow the links to our website.

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