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An Alternative to Traditional Medicine

SuNu Wellness Center offers healing and health through holistic care.


ACHES AND PAINS, ALLERGIES, DIGESTIVE TROUBLES—for these kinds of chronic conditions,
most of us are tempted to reach for traditional medicine with visits to a specialist,
prescription drugs, lab tests and more. But a growing number of patients are gravitating
toward alternative or naturopathic therapies— either instead of or in addition to their traditional

At Minnetonka’s SuNu Wellness Center, chiropractor Dr. Susan Quigley leads a team of alternative
practitioners, each with her own niche. We talked with Quigley about her passion for
holistic care and her advice for those looking for a new way to take care of their bodies.

A New Beginning
“SuNu means ‘new beginning’ in Sanskrit,” Quigley explains. “Its other meaning is ‘to
bring forth a son.’ When I was expecting my first baby, I realized that I needed to follow my
dreams, rather than going back to my chiropractic work as an employee.”

Quigley knew from the beginning that she wanted SuNu to be more than just a chiropractic
clinic, so the center also offers acupuncture, massage, naturopathic medicine, yoga and
life coaching.

“Everyone at SuNu has an interesting personal story about how they got on this path,”


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