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Let’s Talk About Healy

It’s hard to stay aware of all the new gadgets, hacks and trends in the Wellness Industry. At SuNu, we are committed to staying informed and open-minded to new discoveries, tools and resources. We want to be able to offer the best possible care to our clients who trust our Doctors and Providers for their educated opinions, recommendations and guidance. One popular topic of discussion right now is The Healy.

Dr. Susan introduced the SuNu Community to Healy several months ago and the experience has been eyeopening, to say the least. The knowledge she has gained, information she has shared, and results she has experienced since incorporating Healy into her work and everyday living have been remarkable. Many SuNu practitioners now utilize the beneficial insight and information offered by Healy in their own work and services.

But . . . What is it?

In the simplest physical description, Healy is a small plastic device which was designed to emit individual micro current frequencies uniquely tailored to individual health needs. It uses individualized micro current frequencies, or IMF, to enhance wellness or support “wellbeing through harmonization of the bioenergetic field.” It pairs with a smartphone and clips onto clothes, and comes with various adhesive electrodes that deliver customizable electromagnetic currents to the user’s body. The frequencies vary, ranging from health to beauty to sleep to skin care to chakras.


So, What Does Healy Offer?

As a bio resonance quantum frequency device, Healy scans the bio field to assess physical, mental, emotional and environmental well-being. Once scanned, Healy is able to suggest several individualized micro current frequencies to help the body return to, or strive toward bio energetic balance.  It offers information so that the user and/or practitioner can have a wider lens to see through. So when pairing Healy with Chiropractic, for example, Dr. Susan can run a program to gather more information from the body about where things may be out of coherence. 

The whole human organism is based on a transfer of molecules, energy and information. The bioenergetic field is the flow of life energy connecting body, mind and soul, traditionally known as Chi (or Qi) and Prana. 

There are millions of frequencies that have been detected then collected and included into Healy’s programming. From acute injuries to fevers, skin conditions, digestion, stress, and beyond. Dr. Susan has experienced many benefits using Healy on herself, her family and with clients. One of the best ways to describe this work is through personal experience.

Dr. Susan’s Healy Story

Owner/Founder, Dr. Susan, shares her story here:

“One of my mentors introduced me to the Healy as a tool in November 2022. I was struggling with hormones, overwhelm, stress, insomnia, and acute lyme’s disease symptoms and had chronic endometriosis for my entire adult life.

I am usually not drawn to technology or the latest biohacking fad, but the possibility of this as a way to level up my health, as a tool for my family, and as a way forward with my challenging cases was a full body “yes” to give it a try.

After the first sample session, I could see that there were emotional ties with my physical struggles, and all the herbs and supplements and diet changes could only take me so far in my healing. This is the first tool I’ve come across to address the full bio field with a quantum sensor, and deliver frequencies to bring those vibrations into coherence.

Intuitively I could feel a difference in how frequency is capable of bringing all the modalities I was doing (acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, chiropractic, bodywork, homeopathy) deeper into a cellular and energetic level.

The ways layers unraveled was something I could not have predicted and now I am on a mission to share frequency healing with my community.

Since using the Healy in combination with the tools I already had has been nothing short of a miracle, and I feel like I am still a beginner with the possibilities of what the Healy is capable of.

In my own health:
  • For the first time in 5 years, my toxin report is free of all tick borne bacteria and parasites. Lyme’s symptoms have disappeared.

  • No migraines for the first time in years.

  • Insomnia is almost gone.

  • Endometriosis symptoms are manageable (despite years of treating with herbs and nutrition), my cycle is now 3 days and is very efficient

In my kids:
  • No night terrors (gone in 2 sessions with the Healy)

  • Quick resolve of headaches, sinus pressure, croupy cough, fever

  • They ask for it when they feel “off”

With my clients:
  • Report healing spiritual dreams

  • Resolve of night terrors

  • Resolve of bed wetting

  • Resolve of brain fog, post concussion, post TBI symptoms

  • Less migraines

  • Better sleep

  • Improved mood, clarity, irritability

  • Rash gone within hours

  • Improved circulation in someone with chronic cold hands and feet

  • Resolve of 11 years of cyclical vomiting

  • Resolve of 4 years of nausea and vertigo

  • Complete resolve of hyperemesis gravidarum

  • Resolve of 10 years of tongue pain

  • Resolve of 30+ years of fatigue and joint pain due to lymes

Experience Healy at SuNu

It has been our experience that people are super curious, sometimes skeptical. Typically, once someone has tried it, clients request to do another Healy session at their next visit because they intuitively felt a shift. Dr. Susan’s goal is to at least share what she’s learned from this tool, and to make it accessible and available to all to try to support their own healing journey.

Try it out! We offer sessions at both locations. Appointment and appointment add-on’s are available in Minnetonka with Dr. Susan, Dr. Emma and Rachael. They are also available in Linden Hills with Dr. Liz, Dr. Cait and Rachael.

If interested in purchasing a device, or utilizing in your practice, use this affiliate link.

Informational Event with Dr. Susan

For even more information, we invite you to a FREE informational event dedicated to discussing Healy even further. Come to the Minnetonka office on Tuesday, November 14th at 5:30 pm.

Whether you are looking to try it, understand it more deeply or, perhaps purchase your own device, come to the event. Register here and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from Dr. Susan and hear first-hand testimonials, experiences and benefits.

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