Empowered Beginnings and Beyond: Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Sarah and Adrienne

Empowered Beginnings and Beyond: Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Sarah and Adrienne

From Prenatal Wisdom to Postpartum Healing: Your Evidence-Based Guide to a Journey of Transformation and Care

Sarah Auna, Birth Educator and Coach, Sunu Wellness Center MinnetonkaEmpowered Beginnings and Beyond: Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Sarah and Adrienne. Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are an entire journey. One of valor, transformation and many, many decisions. In a time where we have access to more unsolicited advice than a parent should (and yes your social media feed is a bunch of unsolicited advice and opinions) we thought we’d offer up some evidence-based care from Sunu’s resident doulas Sarah Auna (doula to over 500 babies and SuNu Staff Birth Coach) and Adrienne Suess (SuNu Acupuncturist and doula extraordinaire)… but we will only offer it up with your consent, of course!


If you’d like some before, during and after tips for prenatal, birth and postpartum care… read on!

Adrienne Suess, Acupuncturist


The SuNu Wellness Approach to Navigating Pregnancy:

Rest, softening, allowing and getting familiar with the unknown is best. There can be a real pressure to be EXTRA productive, preparative, educated and get it ALLLLL together before the baby comes. We suggest allowing the work of pregnancy to soften you, and help you get comfortable… with not having it all figured out. Use acupuncture to calm the mind and (when the time is right) stimulate labor.

Acupuncture compliments or offers alternatives to pharmacological medications for anxiety and induction (BTW, induction is starting labor for a medical reason, when it hasn’t started on its own). We would also say use a local, independent childbirth education group that is NOT affiliated with a hospital or insurance company. This way you’ll get birth education that is specific to the birth-climate of the city you live in without the influence of what the hospital *hopes you’ll learn (a.k.a grooming you to be a “good patient”)

Navigating Birth:

Sarah Auna Doula ServicesGet a doula. If you get a doula, then there’s nothing you haven’t thought of because it is their job to make sure you have access to all of the TLC and information you need to navigate whatever birth brings. Being held and witnessed changes outcomes for the better – across the birth board – and that is core function of a doula, to witness and encourage you on your journey of valor. And to know all the tips and tricks as well!

Doulas often know about underutilized resources in the hospital and community – like acupuncturists and chiropractors who will come to you during birth and help release emotional blocks, tension and bodily obstacles to the baby coming out. The doula  themselves might know (or be willing to learn) how to use their hands to stimulate certain birth-supportive acupressure points on the body to calm nerves and encourage contractions.


The SuNu Wellness Approach to Navigating Postpartum:

To take care of yourself – IS – to take care of the baby. Give yourself the same TLC you would the newborn. Lovingly prepared nutrient-dense foods (including bone broths) warm baths for non-surgical births and keeping your body clean and dry. Sounds a lot like what you should do for the newborn, right?  Not to mention the absolute prioritization of rest. No visitors who aren’t willing to do some chores while they are there – and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES – should you feel pressure to host, please or meet the needs of anyone, other than yourself and babe.


If a task, bodily sensation or person isn’t a “hell yes!” during this time, it’s actually a “no”. Go ahead and start using this discernment tool right now… you’re welcome.


Using acupuncture and other bodywork to get back IN your body (notice didn’t say “get your body back” – we would NEVER!) is a very important practice. Helping your organs move back into place, reorienting to your new reality, drawing on other energy boosters when sleep isn’t a reliable source and boosting your milk supply are all things we can help with here!


These tips are just the very, very start of the pregnancy, birth, postpartum and acupuncture navigation tools we have for you here at Sunu Wellness. Please book online with Sarah Auna or Adrienne Suess – or email Sarah directly with where to start (sunusauna@gmail.com).

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