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The Story Behind SuNu, Linden Hills


Dr. Liz is the owner of SuNu’s Linden Hills office. She has been a part of SuNu Wellness since the very beginning and says she couldn’t have imagined starting her own business with anyone other than Dr. Susan by her side. Dr. Susan Quigley is the Founder of SuNu Wellness and owner of the Minnetonka office. She also happens to be Dr. Liz’s best friend.

Dr. Liz met Dr. Susan while in graduate school, where they became the best of friends. It felt like fate, that Liz would partner with Susan in her dream of creating SuNu Wellness.  In 2009, Dr. Liz moved back to Minnesota from North Carolina to bet on herself, her partnership with Dr. Susan, and their shared belief in what SuNu could be. Then in 2011, they opened SuNu’s Minnetonka office together. Two short years later, Dr. Liz opened her own practice, and SuNu, Linden Hills became a reality.

Meet Dr. Liz

Dr. Liz Gingrey, DC, Chiropractor

At a very young age, Dr. Liz discovered that she wanted to be a Doctor. But it was more specific than that – she wanted to be a Doctor who kids liked to go to.

“At five years old, my mother took me in to get my booster vaccines prior to starting kindergarten. I vividly remember the nurse asking to see my hand. She told me not to worry because it wouldn’t hurt and then she proceeded to do a finger prick for a blood glucose test. At the age of 5, I trusted her as an adult, so I was shocked that she had pricked me (and tricked me). It hurt!  Furthermore, she had lied to me! This upset me quite a bit, and for the remainder of the appointment my mom and another nurse had to hold me down to do the rest of the vaccines.”

It was after that experience Dr. Liz decided two things: 1) there was a better way, and, 2) she was going to make it so. For the longest time following that experience,  she thought she would follow the path of allopathic medicine. It wasn’t until shadowing a chiropractor during undergraduate school, that her vision shifted.

During her internship, Dr. Liz witnessed clients coming to the office feeling one way, and leaving feeling completely differently. It was having that front row seat to the visible healing and and immediate transformation that chiropractic care provided, that solidified her path to becoming a Chiropractor.

Throughout her years, in both practice and as a business owner, Dr. Liz has created a solid reputation for herself and her clinic. She is a tremendously knowledgable Chiropractor who offers thorough, intentional and professional care to everyone she sees. She treats and leads from her heart. Anyone who is lucky enough to know her and/or work with her, can attest to that.

Dr. Liz Becomes a Mother

Today, Dr. Liz is celebrating a new beginning of an entirely different sort. With the birth of her daughter, Charlotte, in October, 2022, Dr. Liz has added “mother” to her (already impressive) resume.

As she does all things, Dr. Liz has taken to motherhood with grace. It is her nature to be nurturing, loyal, passionate and dedicated to everything she does and everyone she cares about. It is an honor to celebrate Dr. Liz as she evolves into this version of herself as Mother, Business Owner and Doctor.

Get to know SuNu, Linden Hills

The Linden Hills office is a beautifully appointed, welcoming, and inviting sanctuary in the city. Dr. Liz has assembled a team of Doctors, Practitioners and Administrators who have the desire and ability to support her same vision and mission to heal. With Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture Medicine and Reiki services available, SuNu, Linden Hills is a dynamic and impressive holistic health collective.

Dr. Liz is dedicated to helping others. She works tirelessly to make SuNu a place where everyone can breathe a sigh of relief upon arriving. Ever since that unfortunate and traumatic experience as a young girl at the pediatricians office, Dr. Liz has been devoted to providing the best possible experience, care and environment for healing.  Mission accomplished, Dr, Liz.

Linden Hills Services


SuNu’s entire team collaborates to nurture clients, to listen to them and customize every visit to ensure every body leaves feeling renewed, refreshed and full of hope.

The Linden Hills office has two Chiropractors, Dr. Liz, of course, and Dr. Cait. Dr. Cait has been the most incredible addition to the clinic. Without Dr. Cait, Dr. Liz would not have felt comfortable taking a full maternity leave. Because of her incredible patient care, depth of knowledge and diverse experience, Dr. Liz was confident that her clients were receiving the best possible care.

SuNu Linden Hills also offers massage therapy, reiki and acupuncture medicine. Click the service links or visit the website to meet the SuNu Linden Hills Team and view the full list of services.

Schedule with Dr. Liz

Dr. Liz specializes in pediatric and perinatal chiropractic services, but she is an extraordinary Doctor, who offers exceptional care to every body.

She is gradually returning from maternity leave, and currently seeing clients on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. She will be adding Wednesday evenings in the near future.

To learn more about Dr. Liz, the Linden Hills office, or SuNu in general, click here.

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