Coach Meghan Tallakson

Meghan is a certified health & fitness coach who is obsessed with helping women chase their dreams in a healthy body. Her goal is to inspire and empower you to heal your hormones by eating more and exercising less so you can thrive in your body.

After living through a decade+ long journey with chronic pain, Meghan finally found solace and relief by working with several members of the SuNu team. Having an entire team of healers on her side who communicated with each other about her treatment plan was the final piece of the puzzle for her body to finally heal itself.

As she found her way out of that hard part of her life, she landed on her next hurdle. She was out of shape and clueless what to do to find her way back to the fit person she once was. In came fitness and nutrition coaching. By working with a trained professional Meghan FINALLY felt like herself again.

She recognized that there’s a lack of approachable education around nutrition, mainly because of how mainstream marketing is deeply invested in the billion dollar quick fix fitness industry. So she made it her mission to change that by coaching bad ass women strategically, and HONESTLY to explain the science behind the what, how, and why behind how nutrition and fitness actually works, in a way that the everyday human  would understand.

Her goal is to equip busy women with the tools they need to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves for life. Not just for 30 days at a time.

Her welcoming, supportive, open, honest, “keepin’ it real” approach to the fitness and nutrition industry is what drew the SuNu team to her and we have seen dozens of SuNu clients find additional hormonal healing and reduction of chronic pain by working with Meghan. She will be your biggest cheerleader and won’t quit until she knows you have the tools you need to feel your absolute best.

She believes deeply that empowered women empower women and she wants you all to be your healthiest and strongest selves so you can shine your light on this world.

To schedule and learn more with Coach Meghan email her at You can also find her on Instagram @MeghanTallakson.




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When I started this program in October, I felt beaten down, I was exhausted physically and mentally, anxiety was high, and I was having medical issues that I've never experienced before. I've always been active and embraced healthy...
Pam OB
My journey to health has been a lifetime of learning. Having Meghan and the group for support has really been a game changer in how I see myself and food. I can’t lie, the change in how much food I consume was a challenge (we eat so much!). But the fact that I can do...
Katie H.
It was an eye opening experience to learn how easy it is to really look at nutrition and what you’re eating as how you are fueling your body. I never realized that I had been under-fueling my body. This program and Meghan’s guidance gave me the tools and confidence...
Dr. Liz
This program has me feeling better in my own skin, sleeping better, feeling like I have more energy throughout my day, less bloated and generally in a better mood! I highly recommend Meghan as an accountability coach.
Dr. Susan
For the first time in my life,  I have NO idea how much I weigh. Since starting working with Meghan 8 weeks ago, workout and nutrition regimen has been more about how much better I feel physically and mentally and less about what I weigh. Thank you Meghan for teaching...
Sure, the increase in muscle tone and fat loss has been GREAT. But it has became more than just that. I don’t run to burn calories, I run to release endorphins. I don’t count calories to restrict eating, I count macros to eat MORE, whole food nutrition and hitting ...
The program has been awesome! I LOVE the fasting and it has been so helpful for me to track my macros. It has really kept me on track and I feel so much better and have way more energy. I have done countless programs over the years from Whole 30, to Paleo to Keto to An...