So Much Relief!

I first started going to Sunu Wellness to help relieve my carpal tunnel pain through massage. Because I felt such great relief and got such great results, I decided to seek care during my pregnancy. I struggled with fatigue and nausea, but through acupuncture those symptoms were relieved. I was also able to get relief from back and hip pain through chiropractic care. Thanks to the Sunu team, I was able to enjoy pregnancy without the usual back pain, fatigue, swollen ankles, etc.

After giving birth I brought my new baby in for care. Dr Susan has helped him significantly with mobility, avoiding flat spots on his head, some spitting up issues, and tongue/lip tie. She even helps us get over colds quicker! I can’t say enough great things about the Sunu team. They provide relief and make you feel like family.

Michelle L – Wayzata

Beyond your typical chiropractor

I highly recommend SuNu. I had hard pregnancies and needed physical and mental relief. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy more because of the robust offerings at SuNu. SuNu is a safe, friendly environment with knowledgeable staff.  Whether you are pregnant or not, this is beyond your typical chiropractic care center. They will take great care of you!   

-Ashley A.    Wayzata, MN

Consistent results

I’ve greatly enjoyed my chiropractic experiences at SuNu. The doctors are easy to communicate with and have given me consistence results. I also see their massage therapists on occasion, I like that combo of services. The massage service varies depending on the therapist and what I tell them to work on.

-Brenda D.

I love the atmosphere…

I love the atmosphere at Sunu and Dr Susan has such a gentle, but very effective way about her. I went in for Vertigo and came out feeling like a million bucks! Thank you very much for giving me my head back LOL

-Laurie M.

I am a believer, you will be too.

I was a normal person just like you. I have a doctor I see when I need to, I have a chiropractor that I see regularly, I have been getting massages for my sore muscles on a regular basis, and I even see an acupuncturist on a regular basis. Yep I try very hard to keep my body as healthy and pain free as I can. There was a time that I was scared of chiropractors…the noise made me wonder if it was working, until I went to one and found out how great I felt after seeing them. I thought massages were just something you did to relax, not so….I work my body pretty hard all week, and the benefit of massage is amazing, I feel like a whole new person after my biweekly massage, yep twice a month. Then there was the acupuncturist…I thought what a bunch of talk….until I tried one, and I went from headaches 5 or 6 times a week to just a few per week, and migraines slowed to a few a year, yep you heard me right. I then became a believer and thought I never had it better. I was only going to my doctor maybe once a year, and at 50 years old I felt like I was 20 again. Then I heard about cranial sacral therapy, and this therapy was supposed to do even more to reduce my headaches, and again I thought sure….I was told about Dr Kayla from a friend at work, so I thought I would try her once. I had my first visit and to be honest I was stunned by my results. Before I saw Dr Kayla, I was still getting headaches once or twice a week…give or take…after one visit to Dr Kayla I went for a couple of months without even a small headache, what was going on, there is no way she did that for me was my thought…but sure enough it was all due to Dr Kayla and my cranial sacral therapy. She has made me a believer and now I see her for maintenance…that is what I call it, maybe preventative medicine would be a better way to put it, but whatever you call it she keeps me headache free, and I couldn’t be happier, or scream the benefits of her work louder. If you are on the fence as to what to do, try it once, you will never regret that decision. Thank you Dr Kayla.

Larry J.

Invaluable Pain Management Tool

I have chronic musculoskeletal problems as well as chronic headaches, and have spent much of my adult life in pain. Dr. Liz Gingrey and her team are an invaluable part of my pain management plan. Dr. Liz’s incredible knowledge of the human body and profound understanding of how it moves and what makes it hurt are utterly amazing. Her long term care has helped me greatly, to keep moving, to live my life, and to lessen my use of pain medications and expensive procedures. Her manner is charming and smart, and I trust her implicitly with the health of my family and all my loved ones. She’s my first line of defense, and I don’t know what I’d do with out her! Make an appointment with her, and see for yourself.

Jen B.

FINALLY getting to the root cause of my Autoimmune Issues!

I’ve been dealing with very severe autoimmune issues over the last few years and have been told by numerous doctors that I should “just take lots of Benadryl and Zyrtec”. One doctor even told me that “maybe it will go away on its own.”

Well, unfortunately, my autoimmune issues did not go away on its own.

A few months ago, a friend of mine had recommended SuNu, and I’ve been very fortunate to work with Colleen and the acupuncturists at SuNu ever since. I appreciate that Colleen is very “test” focused, and she really wants to “get to the bottom” of the my health issues rather than just trying a “quick fix.” She is also very willing to go “above and beyond” by researching the best supplement options for my body. I am confident that as I continue to implement the changes that she suggests, I will continue to heal my body and emerge much healthier!


Chiro + Massage!

I’ve greatly enjoyed my chiropractic experiences at Sunu. Susan and Lydia are easy to communicate with and have given me consistence results. I also see their massage therapists on occasion, I like that combo of services. The massage service varies depending on the masseuse and what I tell them to work on. In the past I’ve had awesomely relaxing sessions, as well as just average ones.

Brenda D.

I love Sunu

I love Sunu! Doctor Susan is wonderful with children and super caring to every patient! She is very personable, knowledgable and helps keep us all healthy! My child even says “lets go see doctor Susan” if he gets a Boo Boo! We love her and feel like she treats us like family!!:) Super thankful to have Sunu to keep us healthy!!:)

Jen N.

Priceless Nutritional Advice for Busy Families

I attended Kacey’s lecture on the link between nutritional health and behavior in kids. She did a phenomenal job cramming a ton of information into a short presentation. I could have listened to her for countless hours more. She did such a great job of providing an overview on many different topics, and offering simple, yet profound tools for introducing and/or continuing healthy lifestyle choices for the whole family. As a busy working mother of two, Kacey’s suggestions for dealing with picky toddlers has been priceless. She’s a wealth of knowledge and I’m so lucky to have found her. The tools and information I’ve learned from her have truly helped me get my family’s health moving in the right direction.

Erica C.