What is Reiki and How Can It Help Me?

Have you heard of Reiki but never been sure about what it means, whether you could benefit, or who to ask to learn more? If so, you’re not alone! Below we illuminate the practice, the ongoing research into its fascinating science and how SuNu is bringing this modality to our community.

Let’s break it down. “Rei” roughly translates to higher intelligence, or that which guides the creation of the universe. “Ki” translates to energy, the Japanese interpretation of chi, prana, or a non-physical energy that animates all living things. So, when you hear the word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) in the context of a healing practice, it can be interpreted as the practice of channeling healing energy. 

Where did it come from? The most common form of reiki practiced today originated in the early 1900’s in Japan. Over the last century the practice has been introduced to the West, by way of Hawaii, and has spread rapidly. Reiki practitioners must learn from other Reiki “masters” and attend extensive training to learn the practice. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion.

What can I expect in a reiki session? Reiki is traditionally administered through a “laying on of hands”. Light touch from the practitioner’s hands at different points in the body channels reiki through this area charging it with positive energy. Oftentimes the practitioner will identify areas of focus by assessing the body’s seven chakras to identify energetic imbalances.

Why do people get reiki? Reiki is generally used to release stress and anxiety. This pent up negative energy could be having minor or major outward manifestations ranging from headaches and pains to respiratory or digestive problems. By creating the conditions necessary for relaxation and healing, reiki allows an individual’s energy to begin to resolve these issues. Often people report feeling a harmonious or positive affect mentally and physically for at least 72 hours following a treatment.  

So, what does science have to say about reiki. Several groups have begun to research and document the impact of reiki, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which has conducted five individual studies. The results are preliminary, but overlapping data supports reiki’s ability to reduce anxiety and pain, as well as induce relaxation, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms as well as strengthen overall wellbeing.

How can you try reiki for yourself? At SuNu we are so lucky to have a Master Reiki practitioner among us, Gretchen Walch Nord. There are several ways to experience the practice, and we encourage you to find the option the works best for you. Gretchen offers full hour-long sessions, and also welcomes you for a 30-minute mini session or a free 15-minute consult to learn more.

What are clients saying?

I am extremely grateful to Gretchen for introducing me to Reiki. I have struggled a lot with anxiety and stress, and after my first session I actually felt mellow and relaxed for the first time in years!!! It was not just the reiki session, it was also Gretchen’s sincere advice and her calming aura. It truly a spiritual gift.

We hope this was informative and exciting information to share! Please reach out to SuNu Wellness Minnetonka or Gretchen Walch-Nord to book a session to learn more about this powerful practice.

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