About Homeopathy

A true Homeopath, like any great healer, will study a person’s overall health and well-being. This is contrary to our diagnose-and-prescribe world of health care. Instead of simply treating disease, a homeopath will determine which remedies will best correspond to an individuals specific constitution as well as their state of illness. In order to make this happen, clients will notice right away that Homeopaths ask questions about emotional well-being, mental health and overall vitality. Many claim that a meeting with a Homeopath feels like a mixture of medicine and therapy. Science and spirit.

The guiding principle of Homeopathy is that “like helps like” or the “law of similars”. Remedies and treatments often will mirror the person’s characteristics and symptoms. The remedies themselves are made from plants and minerals, including everything from chamomile and honey bees to sulphur and poison ivy. Standards of purity need to be very high, including measures to protect the “energy” of the remedies. This is why there are often very specific instructions on the handling of remedies.


Unlike modern medicine, the default dose is the minimum possible to stimulate healing. This is followed up by very careful observation and questions to determine the impact of the remedy and if any changes are required. The theory behind this lies in the belief that the human body is fully capable of healing itself and all that is often required is a stimulation of this healing power, be it physical, psychological or spiritual.

Since Homeopathy is used to assist people rather than to focus on a specific diagnosis, the potential benefits are limitless. Of course, optimal health can only occur if the individual is also willing to consider and focus on their lifestyle, including diet, activity and stress factors. At SuNu, Dr. Deborah Walters is not only a trained and certified Homeopath, but also a trained Naturopath. Deborah will help you identify lifestyle factors that may be contributing to ill health and then recommend ways of promoting health while the remedy does its work.