Shiatsu is a type of therapeutic massage from Japan. It is a full body treatment, done on a mat or low table, with the client fully clothed. The practitioner uses techniques such as kneading,
stretching and pressure to move qi, or energy, through the body. Similar to acupuncture, shiatsu uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand each individual as a unique whole.  A Shiatsu intake will include questions about sleep and eating habits, levels of energy, fatigue or stress, and emotions.  This is done with the knowledge that our physical body is a reflection of our feelings and beliefs, as well as our patterns of movement. Some benefits of Shiatsu include leaving the session feeling balanced, flowing and strengthened. Many clients feel safe and comfortable because they remain fully clothed. Some indications and conditions treated by Shiatsu include:

•             Pain/Injury

•             Depression/Anxiety

•             Headaches

•             Sleep Disturbances

•             PMS/Menopause/Painful Periods

•             Chronic Fatigue

•             Digestive Ailments

•             Muscular Tension