An Amazing Experience…

An amazing experience—everyone at SuNu seems to genuinely care about my health/care/well-being through the questions they ask and the care they provide. My life has improved ever since seeing SuNu for regular visits. SuNu is WAY COOL!!! BE HEALTHY!!! Nik K.    


Great atmosphere, awesome staff, and excellent service equals me feeling better, physically & mentally! I no longer feel tired during the day! AWESOMENESS! Shelby L.    

A Skeptic Converted

I was skeptical about messing with my back since I had never had prior chiropractic care. But the results were amazing! I stand taller and with better posture and my knees have been relieved when I run. Adam G.

With Thanks…

Dr. Susan came highly recommended and from the moment I started care at SuNu I have felt welcomed, cared for, and important at every visit! Every time I leave SuNu I feel refreshed, calm, and ready to continue with my day. Even though I am in the midst of treatments, I know that progress has […]

“Nothing was pushed… just offered…”

The positive, nurturing, caring energy clearly shows. Nothing was pushed… just offered. SuNu has helped me understand my body more and what affects me. It has helped me understand what lifestyle changes I can make to have better days. Coming to the wellness center a few months ago after my momma’s passing was the blessing […]

SuNu goes the extra mile!

Not only have I had great experiences with Dr. Liz as my chiropractor, but the SuNu team really goes the extra mile to provide great customer service! When I was in the office last week, they had run out of one of my supplements. I was going out of town and didn’t have enough to […]

My first experience with SuNu

My first experience with SuNu actually started before SuNu existed. I met several members of what is now the SuNu staff and was made aware that their clinic was becoming a reality. During their planning and start up phase, I was able to get my chiropractic care and massages as regularly as I needed them […]

My SUNU Success Story!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2009. I started seeing Dr. Susan shortly after that. I remember being very impressed with her gentle approach. Up until that point I had seen chiropractors since I was a teenager, so I had high expectations as a “veteran chiro” patient. One of my biggest complaints […]