SuNu Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Welcome to Sunu!

We restore health and energy through holistic medicine. We as practitioners are present and focused on meeting the wellness goals of each client.

At SuNu, we strive to make the day of each person we touch, to share with them our healing light, and to provide a wide range of superior quality services and products to enhance their health. Each experience at SuNu is relaxing, restorative, and stress-free. Each client leaves feeling refreshed and cared for.


SuNu Story

Dr. Susan Quigley is the owner and founder of SuNu Wellness. She was first exposed to chiropractic care at a very young age, receiving her first adjustment at age two. Her family experienced many wonderful benefits from alternative medicine, preventing them from enduring invasive and complicated medical treatments such as ear tubes, inhalers for asthma, and surgery.. Throughout Dr. Susan’s adolescence she cultivated a true passion for the healing arts. This Wellness Center has been her lifelong dream—to form a Co-Operative of skillful and genuine practitioners, where healing is the greatest intention, surrounded by nature and beauty.

Company Culture

SuNu is a place of healing
Come here often
Stay awhile.
Know that you are listened to.
Invest in your health.
Be your most authentic self,
For your family,
For our future.
Treat yourself.
You deserve to be well.