My first experience with SuNu

My first experience with SuNu actually started before SuNu existed. I met several members of what is now the SuNu staff and was made aware that their clinic was becoming a reality. During their planning and start up phase, I was able to get my chiropractic care and massages as regularly as I needed them because they were all dedicated to my health and well-being even if it meant house visits. Once SuNu officially opened their doors, the real talent that they all possessed began to truly shine through.

Over the past years I have had some back/hip/knee, let’s just say the standard running issues. I had also been getting regular headaches. This year my plans were to train for the Philadelphia Marathon which was in November. Going into the training for that, and all of the other races and crazy runs I do regularly, it was apparent that I was going to be at the clinic a lot. While logging a lot of miles, the dedicated attention and expertise everybody at SuNu provided was above anything I had ever experienced at any clinic of any kind. I was putting my body through a lot of stress and needing to be kept together to fulfill the goals that I had set before me. I was never aware that this type of personalized attention even existed. While going through the aches and pains that come with training for a marathon, they would just fix me and I was free to continue training. From severe shin splints that almost sidelined me, to headaches, and even a set of hips that never want to cooperate, they had the answers to keep me healthy.

Every service they offer I have taken advantage of. I say take advantage because it feels like that sometimes with everything that you get for the prices they charge. Grace always keeps me on schedule, on task, and motivated no matter what. Sarah’s massages would never disappoint to sooth my aching body and keep my muscles working. Aimee is amazing with acupuncture. Not only is she really good at it but she also educates you with what she is doing. Vicky’s yoga classes kept me stretched and centered. She also kept my nutrition where it should be and provided the proper supplements to keep my body performing. Dr. Liz helped to keep me aligned with the same professionalism and experience everyone else has. Dr. Susan was at the forefront of my SuNu experience. She has been dedicated to me and my goals since day one, while providing a level of care second to none. The thing with everybody at SuNu is that they are dedicated to my health, but they are also dedicated to educating me about my health.

Now that I have accomplished my goals for this year, they are all working to get me healed and ready to tackle it all again next year. Their dedication and care never stops. Every staff member at SuNu wellness is an expert and professional at their craft. It definitely does not hurt that they are all very easy on the eyes too.

-Damon C.